Ozone Group’ of companies, from its initial roots, has been built around the foundations of well-being; with a mission to either add years to life or life to years because life is precious”. Ozone Group of Companies, like its namesake, aims to provide protection and care. Ozone group’s has diversified interests across 5 divisions namely Pharmaceuticals, Beauty and Cosmetics, Food, Wellness and Skill development.

Formed in the year 1991, the group has gone from strength to strength with the presence in Pharmaceuticals, Herbals Cosmetics, Professional Range of products, Infrastructure development for food processing, Skill development training & Wellness Services and employs 1500+ people

With 2 ultramodern plants at Baddi and Guwahati, the group manufactures and markets highest quality of products using state of the art technology in production, quality control and packaging. Product development is supported by NABL accredited R&D facilities at Bahadurgarh and Gurgaon.

Ozone Pharmaceuticals is the formulation based drug manufacturing and marketing company, with a focus on prescription drugs, across 14 therapy areas like pain management, nutritional supplements, anti-infective, cardia-diabetes and hemostats, etc. The company has a strength of 1000+ operational workforce and has developed strong brands like DFO, Tranostat and Dizone. The company promotes products and brands to 1,00,000+ doctors across India and Nepal. One of the missions of the company is to provide quality, affordable medicines for diabetes and cardiac problems.

Ozone Ayurvedics, our Herbal Cosmetics started operations in 2001 and took the ‘anti marks’ skincare market by storm with the flagship brand ‘NOMARKS’. While Nomarks was later divested, the company subsequently launched multiple brands in Skin, Hair & premium Lifestyle segments in India as well as in Canada.

Ozone Professional Range, our salon offering with ‘Organic Advantage’ draws its core competence from being 100% organic & herbal driven formulation delivering targeted skin care. Recently, the group tied up with prestigious global cosmetic names like Pevonia & Novex as their exclusive India partner for distribution of premium skin care and hair care products respectively.

Partnering with the Govt. of India, the group forayed into skill development training focused on empowering urban and rural youth.  Being a proud member of the initiative, OSCAR has been driving training in several trades like bedside patient attendant, sales and retail, beauty therapy and hairdressing.

The group has recently entered the Wellness segment through Ozone West Wellness – Canadaexpanding its international footprint in the growing demands for seeking alternative therapies for holistic wellness.



Mr. S.C Sehgal is the Chairman and Managing Director of Ozone Group of Companies. He is a Bachelor of Science with 30 years of hard core experience in the healthcare industry. The experience is largely in the sphere of independent pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing. He is responsible for the overall strategy and development of the organization and spearhead the group’s drive to international markets.

Along with the allopathic drug business in Ozone Pharmaceutical Ltd., Mr. Sehgal was able to identify the emerging herbal care market in India and with the launch of Ozone Ayurvedics in 1997, the group has diversified into the OTC herbal health and beauty care product category.

Mr. Sehgal has been the chief driving force and has been closely associated with product selection, assessment of product scope and brand positioning, product’s Research & Development and in finally overseeing execution of brand launch plans.

The Beginning :

Mr. Sehgal’s professional career started as a Medical Representative with GlaxoSmithKline. Although he excelled here and quickly rose through the ranks, an inner urge propelled him forward to achieve more than a faceless career that a multinational behemoth could offer.  This vision, coupled with determination and a capacity for hard work led to the start of pharmaceuticals manufacturing company by the name of Seagull Labs India Pvt. Ltd., a company headed by himself, as the Chairman &  Managing Director. Simultaneously he initiated Ozone Export India Pvt Ltd as the marketing wing of the manufacturing unit which is now known as Ozone Pharmaceutical Ltd.

Awards & Accolades :

His contribution to the Indian industry has won many accolades and Awards.
Mr. S.C. Sehgal has been awarded the “Pride of India Award”  by the Punjab Government in the year 2005; “Rashtriya Rattan” Award (By Global Economic Council) for his outstanding individual achievement and services to the nation in the year 2003. He was also nominated for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Award in 2003.

History of Ozone

Ozone came into existence in the year 1992, with the sole purpose of making ‘Star class’ products for people from all walks of life. ‘Ozone’, means the outer layer of the atmosphere which protects the earth from the Ultra Violet rays which can harm the entire human existence. The Ozone group has adapted the same ideology, promising to act as a protective shield against the harmful effects of Mother Nature and extend a ‘healing touch’.

Ayurveda and Modern Science are the two salient elements around which the company revolves. Keeping in mind that ‘Patients benefit’ is what we care about, the focal point has always remained on producing ‘condition based’ products so that the utilization is more effective. On the basis of this philosophy, we have designed or formulated our entire product range and the line of treatments.

The company has been built upon certain ethics that have been grounded so that we can deliver better quality products. The products of different entities, i.e. allopathic and Ayurvedic, have been tangled together to create ‘one of a kind’ product range, for maximum relief with minimum possible side effects. The two important pillars of the company, Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and Ozone Ayurvedics, have raised the Ozone group to a much higher altitude, which is reflected in their growth rate, volume of sales and national rankings. Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd is flying among the top 100 pharmaceutical companies, and Ozone Ayurvedic ‘shines alone’ among the top 10 most progressive Ayurvedics companies in the country.


1. To be a brand of choice to the consumer

2. To be an employer of choice to the employees

3. To be a principal choice for our trade partners and all other stake holders


To add years to the life and life to the years of humanity.

Our Organisational Value

1. Human Resource – Most Important Assets

2. Management – Fair, firm and transparent

3. For Success – Plan work and work as  planned

4. Time – Most important resource

5. Vision without action – Dream

6. Accountability without Authority – frustrates. Authority without Accountability – corrupts

7. Process is the ultimate. Ultimate is a by-product

8. Happy people are successful and only successful people are happy

9. Whatever can’t be measured can neither be managed nor be magnified

10. Attitude matters more than aptitude