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Benefits of Henna and Bhringraj to the Hair

Benefits of Henna and Bhringraj to the Hair

The hair of a person can change his/her personality instantly. Therefore having perfectly healthy hair becomes really important. Although the choices are unlimited when it comes to hair care natural ingredients stay on top still. Here we are going to discuss the benefits of two amazing natural ingredients that can restore the health of our hair- Henna and Bhringraj.

Benefits of Henna

  • Natural Hair colouring- Henna is being used as a natural hair colouring agent since ancient times. It is a very inexpensive and effective way of colouring the hair. It not just covers up all the greys but also adds a very good colour to the hair. It is the most widely used colouring agent.


  • Conditions the hair- It acts as a really good conditioner for the hair by locking in the moisture content in them. It forms a layer of protection around your hair strands that does not let the moisture escape. It also helps to reduce split ends that make the hair look dull and damaged.
  • Good for the health of the scalp- Henna provides a really soothing sensation when applied on the scalp. It helps to refresh the mind of the person who has applied it and also helps to boost the blood circulation. Also, the antimicrobial property of henna keeps the scalp health in check. It also keeps problems like dandruff in check.
  • Provides strength to the hair- It helps to nourish dull and damaged hair offering them a very healthy appearance. It provides strength to the roots of the hair reducing the problem of hair fall and making way for the growth of the hair. It works to benefit the hair in a dual way by promoting hair growth and side by side adding lustre to the hair.
  • Balances the oils on scalp-In addition to maintaining the health of the scalp, henna also works to balance the oils on it. It keeps excess oils in control which does not let the hair appear greasy.

Benefits of Bhringraj

  • Keeps dandruff in check- Bhringraj is a natural treatment for dandruff. Dandruff is a stubborn skin problem that keeps finding its way back again and again. Bhringraj is very effective in keeping dandruff at bay.


  • Prevents hair fall- Hair fall is a very common problem that people deal with nowadays. This is mainly because of the pollution, stress or lack of proper nutrition, etc. Bhringraj helps to add strength to the roots of hair which prevent hair fall.
  • Makes the hair shinier and voluminous- It is very effective in improving the texture and quality of hair. It helps to treat split ends as well. Bhringraj adds a lot of shine and volume to the hair.
  • Prevents premature greying of hair- No one can skip the ageing process and the signs associated with it. But the premature appearance of these signs like greying of hair before time can become a major issue. Bhringraj helps to keep the hair black longer.
  • Promotes hair growth- It has been scientifically known that bhringraj improves the blood circulation in the scalp that in turn promotes the growth of hair.

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