Purely Ayurvedic Face Pack in India

Do you need herbal face pack that consists of products effective against the harsh weather conditions and problem causing environmental pollutants? You will find an appropriate solution in Ozone Ayurvedics neem & sandal face pack. The face pack cleanses your skin, and it also removes the existence of dull, and flaky skin. You like to live with the skin, which glows and is supple too. The value you pay for buying the face pack is the investment you make on your facial skin.

The face pack is ayurvedic and therefore is free from Parabens and artificial colorants. There are also no signs of artificial preservatives such as Phenoxyethanol and Triethyleneglycol. There are no foaming ingredients used in the products contained in the pack, and therefore the question of finding lather does not exist at all. The ayurvedic face packs from Ozone are just the combo pack that you were yearning to have in your kitty. The products in this pack will give you clear, remarkably clean and smooth skin tone, which does not feel greasy or oily. These are the best face packs you can buy on a price that fits your budget.