Intenso Hydrate Cocoa Body Polishing Treatment Kit

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Intenso Hydrate Cocoa Body Polishing Treatment Kit

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  • Ozone Cocoa Body Polishing Cream Wash: Deep cleanses and moisturizes to heal, nourish and pamper, leaving skin renewed and healthy with a gorgeous glow
  • Ozone Cocoa Body Polishing Scrub: Exfoliation with Ozone Cocoa Body Polishing Scrub will slough off dead skin and gives healthy cell turnover making skin fresh, renewed, supple, velvety soft and well hydrated
  • Ozone Cocoa Body Polishing Oil, Ozone Cocoa and Almond Blend Body Massage Cream: This skin savera oil and the massage cream effectively moisturize and nourish, leaving skin rejuvenated, soft, supple and smooth. These products work in concert to significantly whiten and brighten skin, imparting youthful radiance and glowing fairness
  • Ozone Cocoa Body Polishing Mask: This skin firminga mask with astringent action refines skin pores, effectively nourishes and moisturizes to stimulate generation of new skin cells, leaving skin smooth and supple with youthful radiance
  • Ozone Cocoa Body Shine Serum: This creamy-milky serum gets absorbed very quickly to hydrate, moisturize, nourish and balance the skin from within. It provides enhanced brightening and whitening


Ozone Intenso Hydrate Body Polishing Treatment is based on Ayurvedic concept of harmony and balance. It is enriched with unique combinations of cocoa with 100% organic actives and therapeutic essential oils. Chocolate enlightens your senses, soothes, heals, de-stresses, relaxes and rejuvenates. The Kit provides Body Polish, Rejuvenation & enhanced care for all skin types, which cleanses, nourishes, hydrates, detoxifies & repairs the skin. The treatment restores skin’s suppleness & firmness, drains excess fluids & toxins by opening lymphatic pathways and promotes blood circulation. Luxurious nourishment of Skin Body for Renewed Spirit Net Content: 600g. + 300ml. Indicated For: Stiff, tired body with heavy lifeless feeling with dryness. For cellulite-prone skin with sluggish lymph circulations resulting in toxic build up. Treatment Duration: 90 Minutes. Recommended Frequency: Twice in a month.


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