Youth Restoring Facial Treatment Kit

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Youth Restoring Facial Treatment Kit

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For Eternal Youth and Flawless Skin Radiance

Net Content: 500g. + 5ml.

Indicated For:  Dull, lusterless skin with fine lines & wrinkles, aging prematurely, excessive dryness, etc.

Treatment Duration: 45-50 Minutes.

Recommended Frequency: Twice in a month.



Ozone Youth Restoring facial treatment kit is a unique formula for the restoration and rejuvenation of facial skin. It stimulates skin renewing and skin cell’s production of collagen and elastin. Reducing fine lines and wrinkles restores skin’s suppleness and firmness & prevents excessive pigmentation giving youthful and radiant complexion.

Ozone Youth Restoring Facial Treatment Kit are enriched with Organic Herbal Actives that work synergistically to keep skin smooth, , supple resilient help cell renewable for desired firmness & perfect tone and texture of the facial skin.


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