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Glo Radiance Complexion Awakening Gel

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Glo Radiance Complexion Awakening Gel

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This miraculous healing properties of Aloe Vera blends with Saffron to heal skin, hydrate it, restores its youthful firmness and give it a healthy look and feel.

Net Content: 250g.

Indicated For:  Oily – Normal Skin.

Treatment Duration: 25 Minutes.

Recommended Frequency: Twice in a month.

Product Type: Jar.

Active Ingredients: Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Chamomile Flower extract, Carica Papaya Fruit powder, Sweet Orange Fruit extract powder, Camphor.

In stock



Moisturising Aloe Papain Gel, rich combination of Aloe Vera gel, Chamomile, beneficial enzymes and fruit acids of Papaya keeps skin hydrated, even toned, smooth and supple, restores firmness and fullness to preserve skin’s youthful glow.Helps maintain healthy skin tone, texture and feel.

It will maintain pH balance of the skin while controlling acne and its future breakouts giving you a glowing skin.

It will give you smooth and supple skin.


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