OZONE Henna Conditioner

OZONE Henna Conditioner


With 100% organically grown herbs, the henna conditioner not only colors your hair naturally and beautifully but also acts as a comprehensive preventive and therapeutic solution for all your hair and scalp related issues. It is absolutely free from ammonia, resorcinol, PPD (para-Phenylenediamine), other harmful artificial colors and preservatives. It colors your hair in the purest natural way, noticeably enhancing their strength, luster, shine and radiance.

Purpose of Use:
The natural therapeutic preparation imparts a rich color to your hair covering all the greys and effectively cleansing, nourishing and conditioning the hair while promoting hair growth and strengthening them from root to tip.

Ingredients: Bhringaraja, Amalaki, Methi, Shankapushpi, Bilva and Arishtaka (Reetha)

Price: Rs. 35/- (100 gms) and Rs. 10/- (30 gms)