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Complexion Reviving Cream

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Complexion Reviving Cream

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For Clear, Glowing & Fair Skin

Suitable for All Skin Types

Net Content: 50g.

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As we deal with the sun, pollution, dust, stress, unhealthy food habits and what not, our facial complexion starts to degrade. It starts to look dull and dryness takes cover on your face making it look lifeless. Restore the lost radiance and glow of your face with the Ozone Complexion Reviving Cream. This cream is very effective in reviving and improving your facial complexion. Regular use of this fair skin cream helps you to achieve brighter and glowing skin in just a few days. It is a gentle formula that provides deep care and nourishment to your face. It keeps a strict control on the facial oil which is very much responsible for making the skin look darker.

The herbal and natural ingredients infused in this cream, in addition to improving the complexion of your face, are also effective in improving the texture of your skin. It helps to make your skin look smoother and softer. This cream also evens out your skin tone which ultimately makes your skin appearance fairer. Achieve a brighter and lighter skin tone with our amazing complexion reviving cream.


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