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Neem Dry Face Pack – 25 Gm

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For Naturally Clear, Healthy & Glowing Skin

Anti Bacterial & Anti Oxidant

Net Content: 25g.

Ozone Neem Dry Face Pack cleans the clogged pores and prevents excessive oil secretion; produces a rejuvenating and nourishing action, improving skin texture, suppleness, elasticity and firmness. It has a refreshing action.

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Your skin goes through a lot from suntan to pollution, dust and what not. To undo the damage caused by these, your skin needs regular pampering to stay glowing and healthy. Using a face pack is the perfect way to do so. Our Neem Face Pack is the best solution for all your skin related problems.


– Protecting it from dust, sun and pollution
– Controlling oil secretion on the face
– Removing pimples, acne and blemishes as well
– Brightening the dull and lusterless face
– Providing moisture to dry facial skin
– Removing blackheads and dead skin cells.

Ozone Neem Face Pack is antibacterial as well as rich in antioxidants that benefit the face by nourishing it from deep within. Choosing the right face pack for your skin can be quite a task but our neem face pack is perfect for all skin types. The natural ingredients of this pack make it the best neem face pack available in the market. Buy this affordable neem face pack online today and use it once a week to get that flawlessly smooth skin.


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