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Semop Shampoo – 300 Ml

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Semop Shampoo – 300 Ml

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100% Organic active enriched.

Net Content: 300ml.

  • Hair feels fluffy & shiny.
  • Nourishes Hair From Tip to Roots.
  • Prevents Dandruff, Premature Graying & Hair Loss

Out of stock

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Semop Ayurvedic shampoo not just cleanses your hair but is also a solution for all your hair related problems. The herbal constituents of the Ozone Ayurvedics Semop shampoo, amla, shikakai, arnica and reetha, make it the most suitable cleanser for your hair.

– The amla infused in the shampoo prevents premature greying of hair
– The shikakai nourishes the hair follicles promoting hair growth
– The Reeta gives shine to your hair and makes them softer
– The Arnica helps to combat the problem of dandruff

Ozone Hair Cleanser Semop also reduces hair fall and thinning of hair. The antibacterial and antioxidant formula manages to make your hair healthier. The chemical based shampoos available in the market to clean your hair but tend to trigger other hair problems like hair fall, greying of hair, hair loss and they also make your hair rough and dry. But the herbal actives of this shampoo make it very gentle and safe on your hair. This ayurvedic shampoo provides deep nourishment to your hair making them stronger and longer. Ditch those chemical based shampoos and give your hair natural goodness with the Ozone Ayurvedics Semop Shampoo.


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