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Ozone Herbals Mint Scrub Soap – 125 Gm

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  • Rich in vitamin A & C and salicylic acid, this scrub soap regulates oil production to give your skin a fresh look.
  • The crisp, cooling herbal anti-inflammatory and anti-septic Mint oil incorporated in this soap effectively treats acne and other skin concerns

Net Weight: 125 gms.

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Purify Your Skin with Herbal Mint Soap

Ozone herbals mint scrub soap prevents the occurrence of skin breakouts and the Vitamin A present in it regulates the skin oil. Bathing with this mint soap refines and softens the skin by gently exfoliating. It also improves blood circulation throughout the body. The soap has antiseptic properties and hence it clears skin thoroughly rendering it healthy and glowing. Daily use of this mint soap offers a great deal of improvement to your skin. It helps in preventing itchiness and eliminate any scars on the skin.

This herbal mint soap is a blast of freshness and calmness on the body. Give your skin the minty freshness every day and say bye-bye to skin impurities. Let your skin benefit from the best mint soap in India. Use it and see the difference for yourself. Say hello to glowing skin and bid farewell to dirt and skin pollutants from day one.

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