Ozone Organic Advantage

People all over the world are aware of their beauty than ever before. Ayurveda views beauty as an expression of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing – an essence of perfect health. Herbs are most effective, gentle and safe beauty aids that can do wonders when used with correct knowledge and understanding.

Natural Ingredients and Certified Organic Actives as Ingredients in Skin-care Products

Inclusion of certified organic actives, in skin-care products results in clinical improvements in skin tone and texture correction of the clinical and histologic appearance of photo-aging skin and effective anti-sebum and anti-bacterial effects in pimple/acne control without subjecting the facial skin to chemical toxicity.

With more consumers interested in following a healthy and eco-conscious lifestyle, demand for natural and certified organic skin care products has grown tremendously in the past couple of years. Indeed, it is more than a trend, consumers today expect their skin care products to be natural containing certified organic active ingredients that respond, safe and efficacious and to the main skin health claims; for example: anti-aging, anti-free radicals, moisturizing and soothing.

These active ingredients have proven benefits and are certified “natural and organic”. They are developed from herbs/plants grown using organic farming methods.

All certified organic activities are safe, because they are subjected to critical analysis that proves the efficacy of these organic active ingredients of skin care products.

Organic herbal ingredients are truly effective for reversing sun damage and wrinkles. They can improve the skin’s softness and firmness while improving moisture content. Skin research teams have come up with effective synergistic formulas. It has been shown that the improvement seen by combining several specific compounds is greater than the total improvement associated with individual ingredients.

Certified organic facial skincare is often designed around four different skin profiles:

  • Balancing – Normal/Combination skin
  • Rejuvenating – Dry/Mature skin
  • Purifying – Oily/Problem skin
  • Soothing – Sensitive skin

There is a fast growing worldwide move towards healthy organics and better health and more number of consumers is expected to be buying certified organic products.


Why Use Organic Actives?

  1. When using skin care and personal care products have you ever experienced these symptoms of allergic reactions?
    a) Irritations of the skin such as … redness, stinging, dryness, dermatitis, rashes or hives.
    b) Irritations of the eye such as … redness and stinging.
  1. A large portion of the population experiences these allergic reactions.
  1. These are the obvious external problems encountered by consumers. What about the not so obvious internal long-term problems caused by toxins and chemicals being absorbed through the skin?

Objective evaluation of products containing natural ingredients and certified organic ingredients requires a basic understanding of some key terms:

  1. ‘Natural’ means that a substance is neither artificial nor pathologic, Natural ingredients are extracted directly from plants or animal products.
  2. ‘Organic’ often used synonymously – and incorrectly – with natural, refers to products made with agricultural ingredients that were grown without the use of pesticides. Therefore, only those agricultural products derived from a 100% pesticide-free environment as defined by certifying bodies can be labeled as 100% organic.

Apparently, the demand for products with organic actives is more than ‘natural’ ingredients because organic produce seals are granted and monitored in accordance to strict guidelines by regulatory authorities worldwide.

OZONE Ayurvedics  is a strong advocate of organic natural ingredients in the form of actives and extracts for skin care and personal care products – defining the power of plants.



The entire Ozone Age-Specific Skincare Range employs vital Organic Actives in all its formulations [that stimulate the composition of skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF)]. These formulations are tailored to the desired, precisely balanced combination of holistic herbal extracts, essential oils and pure botanical waters.


Colour and Artificial Fragrance in skin care products often cause allergies and pigmentation. Ozone Age-Specific Skin Care Range Products are free from artificial colouring and fragrance; hence, they are most effective, pure and safe

OZONE Ayurvedics Natural Organic skin care products are enriched with potent skin clarifying, complexion enhancing and skin rejuvenating organic herbal extracts. These superior herbs and powerful antioxidants correct the root cause of all skin problems to keep skin beautiful and healthy. Each Ingredient’s value is supported by scientific studies.