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Glycerine Soap

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Infused with authentic glycerine, our Aloe Vera Bathing Bar, Jasmine Bathing Bar, and Turmeric Bathing Bar are what you need this season to retain the moisture of your skin. Keep the moisture of your body intact with the innate properties of natural aloe vera extract in our Aloe Vera Bathing Bar that detoxifies the skin, with a pure and gentle effect.

Switch on your fresh mode with the aroma and zest of Jasmine in the Jasmine Bathing Bar that keeps your skin soft and nourished with a dash of freshness. Make your bathe a soothing herbals beauty treatment with the Turmeric Bathing Bar thoroughly cleans the body off all toxins with its unique anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties.

Our Jasmine Bathing Bar, Aloe Vera Bathing Bar and Turmeric Bathing Bar are Sulphate free and extremely gentle on the skin, hence making it suitable for all skin types.

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