Almond Anti Wrinkle Cream 50 G


Ageing can cause a lot of adverse effects on your face like the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, loose and dull skin and many more. Ozone Ayurvedics’ Almond Anti-Wrinkle merges directly with skin deformities and quickly vanishes wrinkles like a pro.

Net Content: 50 gms

Indicated For: For All Skin Types

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Key Ingredients
What’s inside really matters

Almond Oil

Almonds offer a host of nutritional benefits and flavor,

Carrot Seed

Carrot Seed Oil is rich in beta carotene, vitamins A and E and pro-vitamin A.

Benefits :

Ageing can cause a lot of negative effects on your face like the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, loose and dull skin and many more. Enriched with the goodness of herbal ingredients like almond oil, carrot seed oil, wheat germ oil and mulethi, this anti-wrinkle cream is a miracle for ageing skin. It is a completely herbal and ayurvedic anti-wrinkle cream.

Description :

Ozone almond anti-wrinkle cream is not just effective in reducing the wrinkles on the skin but also helps you to fight other signs of ageing as well. It firms sagging and loose skin which ultimately results in hiding the appearance of wrinkles. It also provides hydration and rejuvenation to the face that is very much needed by your skin to look more youthful. The antioxidants that are infused in the cream also help to stop the premature ageing of the skin. The effectiveness of this cream makes it, without a doubt, the best anti-wrinkle cream in India.

Our anti-wrinkle cream also helps you to attain that youthful and glowing skin. Ageing is a very natural process and no one can surpass it but you can reduce the signs of ageing that appear on your face with our astonishing almond anti-wrinkle cream.

Direction of Use : Apply cream all over face and neck. Gently massage in upward direction. Use daily morning and before going to bed at night.

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Customer Reviews

No wonder Glo Radiance works as per its name! It has made my skin ever radiating and shiny. What a miracle product it might be. I am going to keep this in my kitty forever

Nalini Bhatia

Glo Radiance De-Tan Cleanser is the only best product that I have used to date. None but it worked as promised. It is undoubtedly the most genuine De-Tan product.

Prabha Kiran

What a great product Instant Glo Bleach is! easy to apply and quick in the result. What more one may desire from an instant bleach, and this one is best among all that I have used before.

Shiksha Saini

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