Henna Conditioner 100 G

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Ozone Henna Hair Conditioner – Pure Henna (Mehendi) Hair Colour And Hair Conditioning Solution For Men & Women

Key Specs

  • Uniform Hair Coloring – Ayurvedic hair color that suits all hair types and dyes hair uniformly covering grey hairs effectively.
  • Longer Colour Retention– Natural henna hair colour with anti-fading properties that prevents early hair discoloration.
  • Colour Blending Aspects Pure Henna powder for natural red vibrant hair color
  • Improves, Nourishes and Conditions Hair– Amla contains hair rejuvenating and enriching substances -vitamin E, that helps repair, nourish and condition hair.
  • Scopes Hair growth and Prevents Hair Loss – Active herbal ingredient Methi contains vitamin B (biotin) that stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss. Inherits anti hair-fall and anti-dandruff features.
  • Hair Reviving Ingredients –Amla and Mulethi are rich in nutrition and inherit anti-bacterial characteristics. Adds life to hair.
  • For Both Men and Women – Suitable for use by both Men and Women


Description – Ozone Henna Hair Conditioner and hair treatment in hair fall and dandruff

Ozone Henna Hair Colour and Hair Conditioner is 100% organic which contains no coloring chemicals/additives, and is the best hair coloring solution.

Henna is one of the most popular herbal ingredients when it comes to hair care. Not only is it believed to be a safe and natural solution for covering grey hair, but it is also known for its conditioning and cooling effect.

It is certified organic hair care product with the touch of originality and maintains hair and skin integrity. Unlike other hair dyes, Ozone Henna hair colour and conditioner is an effective hair solution formulated with Amla and Mulethi that are rich in nutrition value, vitamin E and Vitamin B. They also exhibit anti-dandruff and anti-hair loss features that promises hair protection with end-to-end hair therapy treatment.

It is free from chemical, coloring additives including preservatives, absolutely safe to use and suits all hair types. Performs outstandingly with root to roof hair shading performance and endures long without fading.

Ozone Henna Hair Conditioner in hair fall and dandruff is the best hair treatment solution.


Why Ozone Pure Henna Hair Conditioner

  • Pure henna hair color and conditioner repairs and improves hair health
  • Ayurvedic hair dye that lasts longer avoiding early hair discoloration
  • Organic Henna Hair colour and Hair conditioner with nutritious ingredients
  • Natural hair colour and hair conditioner that prevents hair dandruff and hair fall
  • Pure henna hair colour with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties
  • Nutritive and Root revival hair therapy for dry and split end hair condition
  • Anti-Allergic hair care solution – Herbal henna hair color and hair conditioner

Net Content: 100 gms

Indicated For: For All Hair Types

Uses: For Men & Women

Product-Type: Herbal


Availability: 583 in stock

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Key Ingredients
What’s inside really matters


Fenugreek seeds are often used as an at-home treatment for hair loss and dandruff.


Amla oil has been touted as an ayurvedic treatment to help increase hair health and boost hair growth

Benefits :

Ozone Ayurvedics Henna Conditioner is a unique blend of herbs and natural coloring activators that gives terrific color and shine to hairs. Also, the hair gains appropriate nutrition with the efficacy of herbs.

Description :

Colouring the hair is quite a task, but when those grey hair starts to show up, it becomes unavoidable. The chemical coloring products are very harmful to your hair, and using them can stimulate many hair-related problems. The Ozone Henna Conditioner is a herbal formula that not just colors your hair but also offers unbeatable conditioning benefits to your hair.
Henna has been in application since ancient times for enhancing the beauty of the hands and hair. Treated with pure herbs and henna, Ozone Henna offers few highlighting benefits:

– Colours the hair naturally and safely
– Promotes hair growth and reduces hair fall
– Cures the problem of dandruff and prevents it from reoccurring
– The antimicrobial and antifungal properties calm and soothe the scalp
– Provides deep conditioning to the hair
– A right treatment for split ends
– Makes the hair shiny and voluminous
– Treats dry and dull hair
Buy ozone henna conditioner online today and leave behind the hassles and worries of coloring & conditioning the hair. Color your hair with natural goodness and give them the herbal benefits of henna


    I have been using this Henna since 1.5 years and I must say results are amazing. It's completely natural with no side-effects on the scalp.
    Bharati Deshmukh
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