D-Tan Scrub 100 G


OZONE D-Tan Skin Whitening Face Scrub for Men and Women 100 G – Removes Sun Tan | Revives Sun Damaged Skin and Reduces Hyper pigmentation


Aloe Vera in Sun Tan and Sun burn– Eminent medical plant with therapeutic properties effective in soothing sunburns, skin tans, and healing skin wounds owing to the presence of Aloin, the anti-inflammatory component in Aloe Vera. Accelerates skin healing and is effective in removing acnes.

Sun tan removal scrub that uproots stubborn tanning – Natural ingredients with deep skin cleansing features beneficial in reducing and removing skin tans that firmly stick to the facial skin surface.

Skin Whitening Face Scrub nourishes skin – Walnut powder loads with skin nutritive natural compounds like flavonoids that rejuvenate the skin. Effective in reducing acnes, black heads, unclogs pores, slows down aging and holds potential to eliminate dead skin cells promoting skin lightening.

Anti-pigmentation D Tan Face Scrub with skin-lightening properties – Natural D Tan Face scrub contains sweet almond, rich in vitamin C and E that help brighten skin complexion, regularize skin tone, and reduce dark spots.

De-tanning features – Shea Butter is popular for its derma-beneficial aspects, especially reputes as Skin de-tanning, skin-smoothening, and skin-toning abilities. Useful in easing skin inflammation and suits all skin types, both dry and oily skin.

Users & Type – Ayurvedic D-tan face scrub for men and face scrub for women, and suits every skin types 

Description – Ozone Skin Whitening and Anti-Pigmentation D Tan Face Scrub

Ozone D-Tan Face Scrub is a natural solution that helps in removing stubborn sun tans and lightens skin tone. Herbal ingredients in Ozone Sun tan removal scrub – Aloe Vera, sweet almond oil, carrot, wheat germ oil, carrot oil possess effective de-tanning properties with deep skin cleansing features helpful in removing sun tanning. Ozone Anti-Pigmentation D Tan Face Scrub helps to unblock pores and is helpful in oily skin condition. Aloe Vera keeps skin hydrated and contains anti-aging properties that help maintain the youthfulness.

Herbal Ozone D Tan Scrub remover scrubs-off dead skin cell layer wiping-off bacterial settlement which helps improve skin complexion. Deep cleansing helps get rid-off the oxidized skin layer/region that turns dark due to oxidative stress. Ayurvedic face scrub with anti-pigmentation characteristics that helps in gaining skin whitening attributes. Ozone Anti-Tan Scrub effectively revives skin health by nourishing the solar-damaged skin with vitamins and other biotic substances.

Ingredients Skin Utility – Ozone D Tan Face Scrub and Skin Whitening Formula

  • Aloe Vera skin heals and removes sun tan
  • Sweet Almond Oil helps in skin de-pigmentation reducing dark complexion
  • Shea Butter softens and tones the skin
  • Walnut powder provides nutrition to the skin and enhances skin life
  • Wheat Germ Oil is an effective skin hydrant and exhibits high skin absorption properties
  • Carrot Seed Oil tightens skin, repairs skin damage, and reduces wrinkles
  • Anti-Pigmentation D Tan Face Scrub

Ozone D Tan Face Scrub is the best anti-tan solution for men and women as it is effectively removes UV tanned skin and retrieves skin integrity.

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Key Ingredients:  Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea

1. Take a suitable quantity of the scrub and massage it on your face and neck area with light fingers.
2. Massage gently in the upward direction to promote blood circulation.
3. Do not rub the scrub too hard against the skin.
4. Leave it on for 5-7 minutes and then rinse off with clear water. Pat dry with a soft towel.



    Nice scrub removes tan effectively
    Nishat Khanam
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No wonder Glo Radiance works as per its name! It has made my skin ever radiating and shiny. What a miracle product it might be. I am going to keep this in my kitty forever

Nalini Bhatia

Glo Radiance De-Tan Cleanser is the only best product that I have used to date. None but it worked as promised. It is undoubtedly the most genuine De-Tan product.

Prabha Kiran

What a great product Instant Glo Bleach is! easy to apply and quick in the result. What more one may desire from an instant bleach, and this one is best among all that I have used before.

Shiksha Saini

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