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Acne Check Face Wash

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Acne Check Face Wash

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For Clear & Pimple Free Skin

Net Content: 100g.

Indicated For:  Oily skin with open pores, sensitized, pimple/acne-prone facial skin.

Recommended Frequency: Twice a Day.

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Ozone Acne Check Face Wash is designed for oily, sensitive skin prone to acne and acne scars. With regular and systematic usage of this organic facial treatment, acne and eruptions are effectively controlled, leaving the skin rejuvenated with a flawless radiance.

There are some people who are blessed with spotless skin but then there are others who have to deal with the issue of hideous acne and pimples. This organic face wash for acne is here to make the life of people having acne prone skin simple by eradicating those unwelcome guests from their face.

This anti-acne face wash is formulated with organic ingredients that work to eliminate acne and their scars as well. It helps to keep the skin free from excessive oils for long hours which ultimately results in feeling fresh all day long.


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