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Classic Cucumber Toner

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For Oily & Acne Prone Skin

Net Content: 100ml.

Recommended Frequency: Everyday.

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Ozone Classic Cucumber Toner helps in effective cleansing of the skin. The toner is a savior for people with oily and acne prone skin. This cucumber toner works to close the pores that are left prone to getting clogged after the cleansing process.
It has a deep cleansing formula that extracts and eradicates all the dust, dirt, oil, etc. from the skin rendering it a fresh and supple look. This toner for acne prone & oily skin is filled with the refreshing and rejuvenating properties of cucumber. Maintain the healthiness of your skin with the multiple benefits offered by the Ozone Organic Advantage classic cucumber toner and pamper it with the freshness of cucumber instilled in this amazing formula.

Cleans the skin

Effectively tones up oily and acne prone skin.


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