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Haridradya Taila – Acne & Pimple – 30 Ml

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Haridradya Taila – Acne & Pimple – 30 Ml

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Multipurpose Corrective face Oil For:

  • Blemishes & Pigmentation
  • Scars & Damaged Skin
  • Acne & Pimple


Type:  Oil


In stock

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Haridra Oil – Classical Ayurveda Formula

Ozone Haridradya Facial Oil (Taila) is a natural, time-proven Ayurvedic formula having multipurpose skin perfection action. Crafted from an exclusive blend of organic herbs, this trans-formative and rejuvenating ultra-light fast absorbing formula improves circulation, revitalizes, hydrates nourishes and moisturizes skin.

haridradya facial oil



Sesame Oil

Enriched with omega fatty acids, Sesame oil was the preferred oil of the ancients for boosting skin’s moisture and reducing fine lines & wrinkles.


Rubia Cordifolia

The red madder typical to the Indian mountainous terrain is recorded in ancient Sanskrit texts as a cure for promoting glowing skin and reducing the appearance of freckles and discolouration.


Nelumbo Nucifera

Lotus, a traditional symbol of divine beauty and elegance, acts as a toner by purifying dull and tired skin.


Glycyrrhiza Glabra

Traditional Ayurveda medicines used liquorice to harness their skin brightening and rejuvenating properties.

Curcuma Longa

Curcuma Longa

The increasingly popular turmeric has been historically valued in the Vedic culture for its powerful anti-inflammatory & antiseptic properties.

Crocus Sativus

Crocus Sativus

Saffron, by weight, is costlier than gold. This was the most popular herb used by ancient royalty for maintaining flawless, supple skin.

Face oil is suitable for all skin types. Skin’s protective barrier is composed of oil and hence absorbs face oils instantly.

Stripping the skin of its natural oils causes the sebaceous gland to secrete more oil and leads to breakouts. Signature face oils closely resemble the sebum secreted by our skin and are able to penetrate the skin deeply. They moisturize deeply and intensely without clogging the pores of the skin.

In most cases, acne-prone skin is deficient in Linoleic acid (Omega 6 fatty acid). Topical application of omega fatty acids is the most gentle way to deliver nutrients to your sensitive, stressed skin.

Healthy, supple skin needs hydration and intense moisture in all seasons. Our quick absorbing signature oils form a natural barrier against environmental pollutants while thoroughly hydrating. This makes them ideal ingredients for your daily skin care routine all year round.
Fortifies as well as nourishes dry, oily, combination and sensitive skin all year round


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