History of Ozone

Ozone came into existence in the year 1992, with the sole purpose of making ‘Star class’ products for people from all walks of life. ‘Ozone’, means the outer layer of the atmosphere which protects the earth from the Ultra Violet rays which can harm the entire human existence. The Ozone group has adapted the same ideology, promising to act as a protective shield against the harmful effects of Mother Nature and extend a ‘healing touch’.

Ayurveda and Modern Science are the two salient elements around which the company revolves. Keeping in mind that ‘Patients benefit’ is what we care about, the focal point has always remained on producing ‘condition based’ products so that the utilization is more effective. On the basis of this philosophy, we have designed or formulated our entire product range and the line of treatments.

The company has been built upon certain ethics that have been grounded so that we can deliver better quality products. The products of different entities, i.e. allopathic and Ayurvedic, have been tangled together to create ‘one of a kind’ product range, for maximum relief with minimum possible side effects. The two important pillars of the company, Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and Ozone Ayurvedics, have raised the Ozone group to a much higher altitude, which is reflected in their growth rate, volume of sales and national rankings. Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd is flying among the top 100 pharmaceutical companies, and Ozone Ayurvedic ‘shines alone’ among the top 10 most progressive Ayurvedics companies in the country.