Itching and inflammation are of usual occurrence in private parts of females. These are due to onset of some kind of infection, or changes caused in pH value. Infections occur on vulval skin, at any point of time and in any age. Vulva is the area neighbouring vaginal opening.  Itching, or changes in the skin color of vagina and vulva or chronic pain, or soreness – these may appear as the result of infection or moisture or excessive rubbing. On many occasions, if you are using the scented products or deodorants, problems begin to occur on vaginal and vulval skin. Continuous use of prescribed medication may even lead to irritation, soreness and itching.

1M Wash pH 3.5: Anti-bacterial Cream for Private Parts

1M pH 3.5 is the best known and safe itching cream for private parts of the females. The fascinating thing about this herbal cream for itching in private parts is that it uses probiotic cleansing formula. This wash not only provides protection against bacterial infections, but it also controls the occurrence of fungal and yeast infections. 1M Wash with pH 3.5 is used by females of all age groups and ethnicities. This itching cream for private parts for the female in India works as a mild cleansing agent known for personal hygiene. Furthermore, the natural calming, as well as regenerative qualities of Sea Buckthorn Oil, Lactic Acid, and Lipacide C8G, are outstanding. 1M Hygiene Wash pH 3.5 is effective during pregnancy, menstruation and general itching. You can also apply the cream after completing swimming session in the pool or sea. In the end, this vaginal itching cream in India is a value for your money.

Menopause Affects Vaginal Skin from Dermis to the Ectodermis

Menopause is an extremely intricate process that every woman undergoes the moment she reaches middle age. In some cases, the symptoms seem to be a complete end to the monthly cycle, but for many other women, it is a painful process lasting for a couple of years. Menopause is the stage where a woman experiences hormonal changes and increased secretion of androgens. These changes in hormone secretion cause drastic variations in vulval and vaginal skin physiology. Lower B-Estradiol during menopause causes the skin to become stiff and itchy.

1M Wash pH 6.8: The Effective Cream for Vaginal Itching for Menopause

The intimate cream has antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities. It heals and moisturizes the vulval and vaginal skin during the menopause. The cream for vaginal itching is free from soap and alkali. It is also SLS, SLES and free from Paraben. 1M Hygiene Wash with pH 6.8 is both a moisturizer and cleanser. The herbal wash is infused with key herbal ingredients like Sea Buckthorn Oil, Lactic Acid, and Tea Tree Oil. With pH maintained at 6.8, this is a superb intimate wash for women during menopause.

1M Hygiene Wash pH 3.5 : Itching cream for private parts in India

1M vaginal itching cream for ladies is undoubtedly the best cream for vaginal itching. The cream is gifted with regenerative qualities of Sea Buckthorn Oil and Lactic Acid. This vaginal itching cream in India is an amazing mild cleansing agent for skin around vagina and vulva. Using the itching cream on regular basis keeps the squamous epithelial tissues of vulva and vagina fresh and free from microbes. Skin protection during menstruation is also guaranteed by 1M feminine itch cream.

In the end, whatever infection or skin reaction you experience on the vulval or vaginal skin, there is always herbal remedy available. 1M feminine hygiene is made for keeping vaginal and vulval skin healthy.  It is the effective itching cream for females with no side effects.