The vagina is often talked about in the closed corridors. Discussing the vaginal health is itself the biggest taboo, which women of today carry along with themselves all-through the living part of their lives. Trying out herbal vaginal wash products or discussing the best vaginal wash, for maintaining personal hygiene, with their colleagues, is something detested the most, among the women flock.

Vagina has a sensitive outer and inner mucous membrane, which is protected by symbiotic bacteria. If proper care is not taken, infections occur. The common reason for these infections to occur is change in the pH value. One of the most prevalent vaginal infection is – Bacterial Vaginosis. In this type of infection, there is a homogeneous, slimy and greyish-white discharge that covers the walls of the vagina. With the growth of infection, there is a potential loss of good bacteria –Lactobacilli and increase in anaerobes. pH value rises and the individual often smells a fishy odor. Applying the natural vaginal wash is a good idea to fight back.

Candidiasis is also a prominent vaginal infection that has 75% prevalence rate. The infection causes itching, inflammation and “cottage cheese” discharge. Change in pH value of the skin occurs here too. Applying the vaginal wash cream is going to give you a safe exit.

Trichomonas Vaginalis – The vaginal infection is spread through unsafe copulation, caused by protozoan. The infection causes itching and painful discharge on frequent intervals. Changes in the pH is again a primary cause. Maintaining vaginal hygiene is a matter of grave concern here, and it out rightly means – apply the best vaginal wash.

Menstrual periods and menstruation can initiate itching, inflammation and redness of epithelial lining of vaginal walls. If not dealt with effectively, it could lead to severe infections. Use of intimate healthcare products do the magic, but the problem occurs, when it is the time to make the judgement. Relying on any single intimate wash cream, may cause skin reactions on the outer epidermis and these reactions become aggressive.

1M : The Best Vaginal Wash in India

Personal hygiene is always the prime concern of every woman, and selecting 1M intimate hygiene means, the woman has made a right choice. 1M vaginal wash India is marketed in three packages:

1M with pH 3.5 – It is the best vaginal wash product with an effective antiseptic and antimicrobial action. The cream is useful as it helps in soothing, healing and moisturizing the vaginal skin. This vaginal wash is easy to use, and do not require any special set of instructions. And with this 1M intimate cream, you will restore the vaginal pH value without getting into any tantrums. The vaginal wash cures itching, inflammation and reddishness. All vaginal infections are controlled with 1M Intimate Cream Wash with pH 3.5.

1M Hygiene Wash with pH 3.5 – 1M intimate wash for pH 3.5, is a water-based formula, and therefore, you cannot expect any greasy effect over the skin of vagina. Apply the cream smoothly in circular motion. It eliminated skin dryness, burning sensation, soreness and bad odor. The intimate wash helps in growth of Lactobacilli.

1M with pH 6.8 – This specific pH value is recommended for use during menopause, pregnancy, during menstruation and after the birth of a child. 1M with 6.8 has a moisturizing and cleansing action, infused with Sea Buckthorn Oil, Lactic Acid, and Tea Tree Oil. This cream is a superb choice for women going through Menopause.

Order your 1M vaginal wash online. It works great on your vaginal skin and prevents itching, inflammation and all other known skin infections. 1M is the most trusted vaginal wash in India. It is the way to healthier and refreshing vagina.