The environment we live and breathe in, is fraught with pathogens, and this includes bacteria as well as viruses. Eye allergies caused due to allergic conjunctivitis and several other means, show up symptoms such as itchiness, watery eyes, soreness of eyes, swollen and stinging eyes besides redness of Sclera. However, sensation of itchiness of eyes is a well-known allergic symptom. Even in the case of allergies, there may be the situation where both eyes are affected, and intensity of itching is more in your left eye or the right eye and vice versa. Eye drops for allergic eyes like ITIS is a treatment, which gives relief from eye allergies.

Apart from allergic conjunctivitis, there are also seasonal allergies, and these are quite common, prevalent in major parts of India. Such eye allergies are known to occur due to dust particles, ragweed and pollen grains. One can also get affected with perennial eye allergies like the types caused by dust mites, animal dander etc.


Allergic Eye Drops are the New Belief System

People in India have different and often humorous ways of treating with eye allergies. Most of the times, these ways do not turn out to be effective to deal with eye allergies. Allergic eye drops like ITIS are the new belief system, taking over the perception of masses in India. Allergy testing of the eyes will help you in diagnosing the nature of allergy and possible mode of action to be taken. Administering the ITIS allergic eye drops at least twice in a day, will give you relief against light sensitivity and allergies.

 Conjunctivitis eye drops and other genres of anti-allergic eye drops, have made entry on over the counter shelves at pharmacy shops, but these eye drops are not the only way of treating allergic conjunctivitis. You have alternatives available like:

Sunglasses and Reading Glasses

Sunglasses and Reading Glasses Sunglasses and Reading Glasses: There is always the tendency of pollen and airborne allergens to get into the eyes and start causing irritation. This irritation may often lead to eye allergies. Wearing sunglasses of appropriate fitness when you are in the open will definitely be of help in reducing the entry of allergens reaching your eyes.

Vegetables Vegetables:
 Vegetables like cucumber gives good results against the allergies. Cucumbers are cool and these also have anti-oxidant properties, and therefore by using sliced cucumber for cooling relief, you will feel relieved from allergenic reactions.

Cold Compresses Cold Compresses: 
Use small ice cubes wrapped in sterilized white cloth and gently compress it on the eyelids. It is a known method for treating allergenic problems in the eyes. Make sure you do not excessively press on the eyelids, as this may hurt you.

Contact Lenses Contact Lenses: 
If you are in the habit of wearing contact lenses, you should reduce the frequency of use. It will be a good idea to change to either 1-Day or Daily use contact lenses, which improves the health of eyes and also reduces pervasiveness of eye allergies. And moreover, when you reduce the wearing time, the tendency of eye inflammation will get reduced considerably.


Eye Drops for Allergic Conjunctivitis are Better Resolution

You may have found the alternative methods of treating eye allergies attractive, but your first thought should get you focused on searching for best allergy eye drops, because without them, you cannot remove the allergic reactions. There are pharmacy shops selling eye drops for allergy in India. Ayurvedic allergic eye drops make a significant difference to an allergic eye. The success rate is undeniably very high after you start using anti allergic eye drops. ITIS allergic eye drops are effective proposition for you to think. The eye drops are not only ayurvedic but give you complete relief.
And you need to be remindful that in case the itchiness in your eyes persist, the first thing you need to do is consult your ophthalmologist. Do not try to experiment with something as sensitive as eyes, or you may have to face with dire consequences in the end..