Facial oils have been there for a while but there is still a lot of ambiguity amongst women and men alike, regarding the use and benefits of this one particular skincare product. The majority of the questions that are heralded to our skin experts and dermatologists during the ‘Live Sessions’ on Instagram and Facebook, are centered around a better understanding of facial oils and their

importance (Do join us in one, if you still haven’t!). Quite evidently, people want to use facial oils, but still have a lot of unresolved skepticism. They are still not sure if it would be appropriate to put oil to their skin, whether it would make their skin too oily or not, or what all ingredients they should look for in worthwhile facial oil. Redressing the concerns on the topic, in this post we are going to take you through the entire exploratory journey on ‘How to use FACIAL OILS?’



The use of the term oil creates a bit of obscurity here. Being a Facial Oil doesn’t necessarily mean that it would make your skin oily. Contrary to popular beliefs that are often anecdotal experiences based more on hearsay than facts, Facial Oils are an excellent source of moisturization for any skin type. Even the oiliest and the most sensitive of skins need regular moisturization and hydration to look nourished and healthy. Facial Oils offer the best bet as emollients or moisturizers – that work perfectly well in quenching the moisture needs of any skin type. The final result is a supple, plump-looking skin that has regained its elasticity, vigour, and bounce. To reach these results, one just has to be cautious of the propensity of the ingredients in the facial oil that they are using.

The entire purpose of putting facial oil over our delicate skin is to supplement it with the bountiful richness of natural, essential oils. We do consume a few of these oils and fatty acids in our diet, namely mustard oil, sunflower oil, and coconut oils, but that is not enough to suffice the needs. Topical application of oils like Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Wheatgerm Oil deeply nourishes and repairs our dead skin that has lost its sheen and youthfulness to the harsh environment, pollution, sun damage, and a lot of other internal and external factors that come into play.

Having said that, we do not advise directly putting these oils onto your face. Before application, these oils need to be distilled, filtered and sensitized to make them suitable for direct contact with the delicate skin. Hence, it is recommended to include a superlative, noteworthy facial oil in your skincare regime to derive maximum potent benefits from the luxuriance of these oils.

Bursting another non-factual myth that facial oils clog the skin pores and lead to more acne, these oils actually nourish the skin and lead to tightening of the skin pores. Look for oils with Grapeseed and Argan oil as their base constituents. These oils are perfect for oily to normal skin and actually aid in maintaining the pH levels of the skin to optimal acidic quantities. They do not feel heavy on the skin and rather light-weight and absolutely non-greasy.

If your skin is on the mature, evolved side and calls for more intense moisturization, we suggest you look for facial oils with sunflower, almond, coconut, or apricot oil as the pivotal ingredient. These oils are particularly known to nourish skin with fulsome moisturization that softens and smoothes skin.



Pick a facial oil today and elevate it to an indispensable part of your daily skincare routine, of course, owing to the numerous profound benefits that we have just listed above. Using facial oil doesn’t relinquish the need to use a hydrating moisturizer. While applying skincare products, the thumb rule to follow for the order of application shall be from the thinnest consistency to the thickest. So, one shall ideally move from toner to a serum, to a moisturizing day cream (lotion or gel depending on the skin type), and then the facial oil. Since most of the oils have a thicker consistency than a cream, they should be applied as the topmost coat. Also, for the same reason, the oils form a protective coating on the skin and help in better penetration of the other products into the deeper layers.

As a final step, do not forget to layer up the freshly prepped skin with a generous coating of light-weight, non-comedogenic (one that doesn’t clog pores) sun protection lotion or gel.

The use of facial oil should not be restricted to only day use. It shall also be included in the night-time skincare routine. For the most visible astounding results on your skin, experts suggest following the same regime and rituals that one does in the morning time. The only difference is replacing the day cream with a night repair cream. For the night, the facial oil should be the last step in the process, post the application of the night cream. Of course, there is no need for sun protection, as there is no sun outside and we would like our skin to rest and replenish itself without being overburdened with anything closely or remotely chemical.

For the best care, take a few drops of facial oil and massage it well into the skin. Take 2-3 minutes out of your schedule and move your fingers in a circular motion in light upward strokes. This helps the oil penetrate well into the skin and leave you with a deeply radiant, illuminated glow.

One of the most recent makeup hacks, much popularized by the ubiquitous makeup tutorials all over the internet is ‘How to add that natural sheen and glow to your makeup base’. At the cost of giving out the suspense, it is nothing other than our prodigious skincare product called ‘facial oil’. Just mix a drop or two of the oil to your primer or foundation and see the difference in the final look. The skin looks dewy and luscious with a subtle undertone of natural gloss and shine. A lot of times, the oil can even be substituted as a highlighter. Take a drop and massage it evenly on the high rise of the cheekbones, in upward strokes. The oil adds an illuminating highlighter effect to the overall look.

Now, that you would have realized the significance of having a facial oil on your shelf, and using it daily, we can’t wait to introduce you to the prodigious ‘Facial Oil’ from our kitty. It is the GLO RADIANCE FACIAL OIL.

This cult Facial Oil is a ‘Jewel in the Crown’ of our skincare products. An enriched amalgamation of emollient oils, this formula reaches into the deepest skin layers and repairs and heals the flaws from within. Non-greasy formula squishes a magic wand giving you supple, firm, and radiant skin within a couple of applications. Use it as a day oil, or a night repair oil, the results would leave you stunned each time. The oil is a concoction of enriching essential oils like Argan, Apricot, Almond, Grapeseed, Wheatgerm, and Rosehip oil.

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