Once you Google the descriptive traits of oily skin, the top-most results reflect upsetting words like, ‘enlarged pores, oily t-zone, appearance of blackheads and acne, and a shiny greasy look’. If you are

someone surviving through the condition of persistent acne breakouts, or those unsightly pores that grab more attention than anything else in this world, our empathies totally lie on your side. We apologize for breaking your heart at the first go, but these disturbing visuals remain an undeniable fact we can’t subside. As your skincare saviors, we are here to present you with potential solutions to alleviate the downside of having oily skin.


“Want BEAUTIFUL SKIN? Consistency is the key.”

As much as oily skin is high maintenance, we can’t ignore the fact that it is also the most radiant, beautiful, and healthy of all types. If well taken care of, and nourished with essential ingredients, a well- maintained oily skin looks the most gleaming and illuminated. Oily skin is slightly acidic, with a pH balance of 5.5, lower than the optimal pH of 7. This pH level (of 5.5) keeps the skin looking radiant and also resists harmful bacteria. The problem arises when it starts producing excess oil and sebum and henceforth, turns too acidic.

Night time is when our skin cells are charged upon a mission – to repair, regenerate, and heal themselves up from all the damage and fatigue that they have endured. The onus falls on us, to supplement the skin with all those ‘proven and trusted’ nutrients, and emollients before calling it a day, so that they can penetrate well into the skin and aid the entire process of skin restoration and repair.

As per the skin experts, our skin switches from the “protect” to the ‘repair” mode at night, overhauling all the exhaustion that both the internal as well as external factors cause. While we are out in the sun during the day, or just glaring into the blue light of our screens, our skin is facing aging, decay, and deterioration of its cells. With every single breathing second of our life, our skin is gradually sliding into a state of devolution and degeneration, which can be reversed and repaired if attended to, well in time. Night time is when all this attending to and healing happens. While we are submersed and unconscious in our deep slumber, the skin cells work overtime to heal and rejuvenate so that we wake up with a refreshed, active, and alive skin.

At night, the production of melatonin and human growth hormone (HGH) is enhanced, which in turn accelerates skin regeneration and the production of antioxidant enzymes. Who isn’t versed with the many advantages of antioxidants for our skin? By reducing inflammation, they help the skin to repair itself.

They are also vital in stimulating collagen production that leads to a manifold youthful and energized appearance.


‘SKIN-VEST-MENT’ – Investing time and money into the betterment of your skin for a more youthful, and radiant skin in the future.

Calling the day off doesn’t just equate with getting offloaded with all the day’s work, devouring some good dinner, and tucking into bed. The last of the steps before hitting the sheets is to take off all those layers of impurities and dirt from your skin and quenching it with some hydrating nourishment. We share with you the sacrosanct steps for the night skincare routine for oily skin; you just cannot afford to miss.



  1. CLEANSING (the cardinal skincare doctrine) – Never go to sleep without cleansing your face with a mild cleanser or a face wash. For oily skin, it could be perilous to sleep with all the dirt, sebum, and excess oil still resting on the epidermis through the night. Leading to further clogging of the pores, the dirt can penetrate deeper into the layers impacting the health of the skin for the long term. We suggest you use the gentle ‘Acne Check Treatment (ACT) Face wash’ that is ideal for sensitized, oily, and acne-prone skin. Not only does it clarifies, but is also efficacious in warding off that greasy, sticky, oily look from the face. Unlike other cleansers for oily skin, this one doesn’t overtly dry or stretch. For the overworked ones of us, who are all too exhausted and worn off from the hustle of the day, the ‘Glo Radiance Hydra Skin Cleanser’ is a God-sent gesture of love. It is a no-rinse micellar water formula that effectively neutralizes toxins and super cleans the pores, giving a smooth, coruscated, even-toned appearance to the skin. You can just keep it by the bedside, dab it on a cotton ball or just directly put it on the skin.
  • EXFOLIATION (Unearth the miracle of scrubbing) – Dry skin or normal skin does not need regular exfoliation, but the same does not hold true for oily skin. Use a gentle scrub or exfoliation twice a week. You can use it in the morning, or better still, include it in the night time skincare routine. The ‘Glo Radiance Cell Renewing Exfoliant’ takes off the inessential oils and dead skin and gives the epidermis (uppermost layer of the skin) a refreshed look. Exfoliation is also necessary to allow the healthy cells to regenerate and not be bogged down by the clogging impurities.
  • TONING (the secret to a youthful glow) – If you have not been toning your skin so far, this is one uninitiated sin you would repent for years to come. Toning closes pores, tightens the skin cells, and restores the youthful firmness and elasticity of the skin. For all our loves out there, who are bracing against oily skin and enlarged pores, we outrightly command you to start using a toner as of yesterday. Keep one by your bedside. We earnestly recommend our ‘Classic Cucumber Toner’ with activated extracts of Cucumber that are ideal for putting against oily skin. Every night, dab it on a cotton ball and wipe it off all over your face and neck area, post the use of a cleanser. ‘Glo Radiance Skin Activating Nectar’ is another genius of a toner that we strongly suggest for dull, undernourished skin.
  • REPAIRING NIGHT CREAM (a dose of hydration and nourishment) – Finally, kiss your skin a healthy Good night’s sleep. As a final step, layer up with ‘Glo Radiance Repairing Night Cream’; high pressed organic ingredients work overnight on repairing your skin flaws, so that you wake up to visibly brighter and smoother skin. Sun-induced dullness and signs of aging would be long gone. When it comes to moisturization for oily skin, the ingredients are of paramount importance. They should hydrate the skin with all the natural, essential oils, but

without a sticky glossiness. This night cream is enriched with Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond Oil, Mango Seed Butter, Shea Butter, Licorice, Lavender, Green Tea, and Carrot Seed Oil. All these miracles of nature get together to replenish your skin and lend it health and vitality that lasts for years to come.


Your makeup game will never be a 10/10 if your skincare game is only a 2.

Oily skin is not a skin concern that hunches on your back like an irritant monkey. It is rather a blessed skin attribute. Consistency is the key when it comes to following a skincare regime. For those unknown, our skin is consistently revamping itself through all the stages of life, whether for good or for worse. In fact, studies reveal that the skin revives and regenerates itself every 27 days. With this 4 step night skincare routine for oily skin, it would elevate from ‘dull, dreary looking’ to a complete ‘Wow, what a glowing skin!’ appearance. Just do not forget to thank us later!