Pre-Wedding Skin Care At Home For A Bride To Be

Weddings in India are a holy affair and there can be no denying that. A big-fat-Indian wedding in a typical Indian household breathes an identity of its own and is much larger-than-life than anything else at that moment. If you have ever witnessed the wedding of a close loved one during your breathing growing up years, you know how momentous and grand that celebration is.

Amidst all the chaos, fun, frolic, and banter, the Bride and the Groom hold the center stage throughout the events of the ceremonies and most of the conversations revolve around the outfits, makeup, and overall appearance of the couple. Those are the days for the bride and groom to dress up in their stunning finery to the hilt and enjoy all the spotlightand attention that comes their way.


We love our Indian brides and the spectacular way in which they dress up for their wedding festivities. The passion and hard work that they put into their outfits and looks deserve a military ovation. With so much exertion and stress that comes with all those strenuous shopping trips and endless pre-wedding planning, it does take a toll on their health and vigor.

A dull, fatigued and worn off skin accompanied by unruly, unkempt hair is what usually meets the eye during the days closer to the wedding. We therefore actively advocate our brides-to-be to invest heavily in their pre-wedding skincare and hair care regime at home while running through their shopping errands in the months leading to the wedding day.


How to go about your PRE-WEDDING SKINCARE at home?

  • A good night’s sleep-No matter how many Trousseau outfits you plan to shop, or how fastidiously picky you are about the details, do not compromise on your sleep at any cost. Take a good eight to nine hours of your beauty-inducing sleep because that is the only time when your skin repairs and heals from within.

    We recommend religiously use the Glo Radiance Repairing Night Cream that effectively revives your skin and infuses it with ample antioxidants while you sleep in your slumber dreaming about your profound post-wedding marital bliss. For deeper hydration needs, you may use Glo Radiance Facial oil that is imbued with the goodness of essential oils like Almond, Apricot, Argan, Grapeseed, wheat germ, and Rosehip oil.
  • Clean skin is glowing skin– Even if you are moving out in the sun and pollution a lot for putting your wedding ensemble together, always remember to clean your face at least twice a day, in the morning and at night. Use a gentle face wash or a cleanser that purifies the pores of your skin and keeps it free from any dead skin or debris.

    Christian teachings might pronounce 7 deadly sins that define immorality for human beings, but we consider moving out in the sun without a sunblock/sunscreen the most cardinal of them all. Never step out without applying an effective Sun protection lotion or gel 20 minutes before moving out.
  • Forgo junk or synthetic food items– Eat at home and eat very healthy. Build upon your skin’s elasticity and collagen by eating food that is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants. Binge on fresh fruits and vegetables as they are choked with vitamins and minerals. Increase your protein intake while cutting down on fats and carbohydrates post the sunset. Drink gallons of water as this will flush away all the toxins from your skin imparting a healthy glow.
  • Apply natural and organic skincare products Skincare at home is the best skincare one can ask for. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and the secret to beautiful skin lies in your refrigerator. Milk, honey, aloe vera, cucumber are all magic potions for the skin. But do not pull out anything from your grocery mindlessly and start scrubbing it on your face. ‘Ozone Ayurvedics’ uses active organic ingredients in its skincare products that are ECOCERT certified and have been sourced and cultivated most ethically. Ecocert certification is World’s leading sustainability approval, a leading mark of trust and authenticity for skincare ingredients. Each of our products is suited for a particular skin type and skin concern. Assess your need and accumulate your skincare products from our various ranges accordingly. Derived from Nature, the professional range is organic certified by USDA, confirming no use of any deleterious chemicals or allergenic ingredients. With the use of absolutely unadulterated ingredients, products are free from any preservatives, mineral oils, synthetic colors and fragrances, sulphates, parabens, and GMO’s. Non-toxic, never tested on animals, the products adhere to the highest ethical and sustainable practices.
  • Choose a treatment for your skin– If your skin is suffering from any specific concerns like acne, pigmentation, uneven skin tone or tanning, we recommend you opt for our professional skincare treatments. You may book an appointment at one of the nearby salons and get a suitable facial treatment done that would categorically address your specific skin concern. Flawless skin is not a far-fetched dream if you work on the concerns and engage with only natural and non-synthetic skincare products. Each of our products is ECOCERT certified which acts as an undisputable certification of authenticity and further reiterates the harmless and non-toxic nature of the ingredients used.
  • Finally, feel loved and stay happy – Weddings are matters of the heart. People who count and make a difference in your world come together to celebrate and rejoice in your happiness. For a bride, these are the most cherished, loved, and irreplaceable moments of her life. She has every right to calm, relax and unapologetically seek love, pampering, and joy for herself. That contentment of heart would certainly reflect in the glow on your face. Do not go overboard with being harsh on yourself. Your wedding won’t miss out on anything if you don’t get those perfect bridal stilettoes and the world won’t tear apart if one strand of your hair erroneously falls on the other side of the face. A glowing radiant skin that looks happy from within would more than make up for any of the shortcomings.

A result-oriented skincare regime shall ideally start from 3 months before your wedding day, only then would it be able to garner good results. We strongly suggest the brides-to-be unfailingly invest in our Glo Radiance Renewing Day Cream, Cucumber or Rose Toner, Glow Radiance Repairing Night cream, Glo Radiance Replenishing Face Pack, Glo Radiance Luminous Skin Protection Lotion, and Glo Radiance Facial oil for that blemish-free, radiating skin on your Wedding Day.

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