Ozone Herbals is an innovative pharmaceutical and herbal products company known for its worth in the healthcare, beauty care, skin care and personal care. We create and develop beauty and healthcare products on the principles of Ayurveda, which means, our customers will enjoy natural care without any side effects. We do not test any of the products on animals. The health, skin and beauty care products from Ozone Herbals has proven safe, non-reactive and effective. Gentle and regular application of our herbal based products over a long period of time will not show up any harmful effects such as irritation, redness etc. Ozone Herbals is a part of the larger organization – Ozone Group and the group is inspired by one ideology – “To Improve and Increase the Quality of Life and its Well Being.”

We took Ozone as the primary name in Ozone Herbals for the reason that we intend to stand out as the guardians of personal beauty and care. Our products are natural, herbal and meant to improve the quality of life of our people.

The principles of Ayurveda along with modern science is sufficient enough in providing full-proof skin and personal care. Mother Nature is essential in providing essential ingredients and scientific methodologies formulate an effective composition- the way Ozone Herbals is born.

The exclusive range of herbal products from Ozone Herbals includes – Almond Soap, Cucumber Soap, Neem Bathing Bar, Aloe Vera Bathing Bar, Glycerine Bar, Neem Face Wash, Sandal Face Wash and Aloe Vera Face Wash. There are many more in the queue. Ozone Herbals extensively uses plant-based ingredients to hydrate the skin and improve firmness. These ingredients also play a critical role in soothing and reducing skin pigmentation.

All products made by Ozone Herbals have a balanced pH value. Your skin gets an amazing touch, natural shine and best of everything else. We do not use any artificial fragrances or chemical by-products. You always have a 100% herbal product, and it makes all the difference in your personal life. The care of your personal beauty and well-being is our commitment.