The concern for personal intimate hygiene has been consistently on the rise in the mist of increased chances of development of primary and secondary infections in the vulvo-vaginal region. This region is highly sensitive and prone to the variety of activities, which are usually on the microscopic levels. It means you cannot view the activities with your naked eyes.

The composition of the vulvovaginal area

The vulvo-vaginal area is indeed the first line of defence for protecting the genital tract from infection. Micropollutants get often collected in the vulvar folds, accompanied with increased moisture, sweating, menses, and not to say the intense hormonal fluctuations- all of which ultimately gives rise to disaster.

Vulvo-vaginal skin has a remarkably more complex composition as compared to other parts of the skin. Whether it is the permeability, or hydration or moisture, the skin in this region shows increased susceptibility to micropollutants than the skin under your forearm.

The permeability in vulvo-vaginal skin region is higher because of its non-keratinized nature. The region has thin layering on stratum corneum with large hair follicles, which makes hundred times easier for microbes to gain entry and start an infection. Talking specifically of vagina -a fibromuscular canal connecting the vulva to the cervix, consists of smooth muscle tissues and thick non-keratinized lining, with moisture content supplied from fluid secretion from vaginal walls and mucus secreted from cervical and vestibular glands.

Microflora of the intimate area

The knowledge of the microbial configuration of the outside of the vulvar area is in a stage of infancy. It is essential for maintenance of the microbiota ratio as well as general health to keep overall vulvovaginal health balanced. Women need something, which is stronger and hundred times more effective in maintaining the vulvovaginal microbiota, thus providing complete protection against infection.

The expanse of the intimate wash for women

There are several contributing factors in the maintenance of feminine hygiene practices, and many of these are often influenced by the culture, society and personal priorities. Many women prefer to go with vaginal douching, they fail to forget that vaginal microflora will be disturbed. Douching off and on will make the defence system weak, with the high probability of risk of developing the pelvic inflammatory disease, and endometriosis. Besides, there is also the very high risk of sexually transmitted infections.

But the best of all is the herbal intimate wash for women.  It works superbly as the microflora of vulvar-vaginal skin is not altered. Intimate wash for women also maintains the acidic pH of vulvo-vaginal region, preventing the growth of bad bacteria and skin reactions. On the opposite, there is also the need for routine washing of the vulva for preventing accumulation of vaginal discharge, faecal contamination, sweat, urine etc. for prevention of infections and offensive odor.

Where to buy

The best place to buy vaginal wash is online. The reason is that you have plenty of choices available instantly alongside valuable information. All you need to do is shop and compare. It will help you to get through the affordable deals, offered directly by the manufacturer.