What Makes Micellar Water So Miraculous For Our Skin?

Micellar water has been widely touted as a makeup remover but it does far more than just that. You might have been a little perplexed as to what this new product on the skincare horizon is all about. But as always, we present ourselves to your rescue. Let us decode everything about ‘Micellar water’ that you need to know, today.

It might be a recently heard term for some, but for the beauty aficionados, Micellar water is nothing short of spelling ‘miracle water for our skin’. For the uninitiated, Micellar Water is essentially a concoction of oil molecules suspended in clear water (also known as ‘Micelles’). When brought in contact with the buildup of oil, dirt, impurities, and sebum on our skin, these micelles tend to attract and pull out this grime, leaving skin clean, smooth, and refreshed.

Though it might appear as unembellished as water, this colorless liquid has more benefits to offer than what seems. Micellar water is a beauty boon that can be an apt replacement for a face cleanser, a makeup remover as well as an astringent, or a toner. Dermatologists agree this miracle product is a one-stop-shop for healthy skin that tends to serve more benefits than just one.


The History of Micellar Water

The trend of ‘Micellar Water’ has recently caught on with the beauty industry, but the benefits had been discovered by the Parisians almost a century ago, in 1913. French are not termed the ‘Prima Donna’s’ of the fashion and beauty industry for no reason. They surely do lead the way in setting trends and unveiling superlative beauty practices. Also, can’t deny the term ‘Micellar Water’ itself sounds quite fancy and illusions one into using some distinctive ‘celebrity-like’ beauty product for their skincare. Women have fallen for the sass and rightly so. 

In 1913, French women discovered that their skin quality had been deteriorating and it was not for some makeup or beauty products that they were using unaware. The scientists took note of the concern and started working on it. Soon, they realized that the fault lied with the water that the women were using to wash their faces. It was saturated with toxins and high levels of magnesium and calcium ions. The scientists then formulated the wondrous Micellar water, that French women could use to cleanse the dirt off their face and yet preserve and enhance the texture and goodness of their natural skin.

Ozone Ayurvedics’ Glo Radiance ‘Hydra Skin Cleanser’ has been designed and formulated on the backdrop of a similar ideology. It is a no-rinse facial cleanser that uses Aloe Vera as its key ingredient and is free from any parabens and alcohol. One can gently cleanse and purify their face and remove all dirt, oil, and makeup using this Micellar Water. It neutralizes toxins while the hydrating and soothing properties of Aloe Vera leave the skin refreshed, clean and supple at the same time. One needs no water to clean the face and there is no trace of any dryness or itchiness that a regular make-up remover or a harsh face wash may induce. 


Benefits of Micellar Water


A few may argue that our face might not be absolutely clean until and unless we wash it well with water. Well, this holds to some extent. But if we delve deep, using a harsh makeup remover laden with harmful chemicals and alcohol that leave our skin dry and itchy can do worse to our skin than good. Also, using a face wash often leaves our skin stretched and dry and quenching for much more hydration than what a few splashes of water can feed to our skin. In such a case, Micellar Water serves up to all the needs and still preserves the natural moisture.

For the modern women of today who are always on the go and have their hands full most of the time with a barrage of workloads, taking off their makeup might be one of the most tedious and time-consuming hacks to do in a day. How pleased would she be to know that there is something like a ‘Micellar Water’ that exists in her universe? She can easily swipe clean her face without using any water. And yet, it also serves the purpose of a toner, helping to close pores and restoring the elasticity of the skin cells.

Not just a toner, Micellar water also acts as a hydrating cleanser and supplements the skin with essential nutrients and moisture. The great part about using Micellar water is that it has the same viscosity as water minus the toxins and damaging magnesium ions. Hence, it feels water-light on the skin yet comes with all the goodness of a cleanser, makeup remover, toner, and a hydrating agent. How we all wish the beauty industry had bought this supernatural form of water to their marketing shelves sooner than now.

Our beauty regimes would have been much hassle-free and healthier than anything else we know. It is hard to believe, but with this one bottle, we can just remove all our makeup cuddled up in our bed, without having to rush to the tap for a water rinse. While travelling, at gym, at office, or just any hour of the day, we can anytime wipe off our face with a dab of this hydra cleanser and come out looking absolutely clean and refreshed.

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