Burning eyes are a usual eye condition, and not a disease by any means. But, this type of eye condition can become problematic in long run if you show your ignorance. Before discussing the cure for burning eyes, it becomes obvious to know about the burning eye condition, and how it is caused. In simple terms, the burning eyes occur, when you start feeling strong or mild burning sensation in your eyes. You can have burning eye relief with the help of ayurvedic eye drops like ITIS. Administering the ITIS eye drops for burning eyes twice in a day will give intense relief from the burning sensation, and you begin to feel cool as well

How Dangerous is Burning Eye Condition

In general sense of it, the burning eye condition is not harmful, but if it is not cured with eye drops, you may need to visit your eye physician for a more elaborate treatment. If you delay in making the decision, then you may have to face threatening eye diseases such as Glaucoma or Uveitis.

Causative Agents and Reasons for Development of Burning Eyes Condition

There are several possible causes, causative agents and reasons, which instigate the development of burning eyes conditions. In normal cases, the sensation of burning may even occur without symptoms like fluid discharge, or watery eyes or itching or even eye pain. The sensation of burning also becomes intense due to unavoidable environmental affects like windy environment or seemingly high pollen counts interspersed within the environment. One can also develop the condition in presence of other suspended irritants in the environment like pet dander, dust, smog, smoke and mold.

Your eyes may even start burning if the chemicals or acidic content in shampoos, toners etc., gain an entry into your eyes. Burning is also the occurrence caused from sunscreen and chlorine used in swimming pool. Excessive rubbing of eyes and wearing contact lens for longer period of time also begins the onset of burning eyes. Conditions like the ocular rosacea, dry eyes as well as blepharitis show prominent signs of burning eyes. Anything which is likely to cause inflammation, will cause burning sensation in the eyes. Eye allergies, viral and bacterial eye infections are also prevalent in causing inflammation and burning. Common cold can be one of the reasons for burning eyes condition.

How to Get Burning Eye Relief

Relief against the burning eyes is in your hands. Here are a few things that you can do to get rid of burning eyes condition:

 Apply the cool compress method gently on the closed eyelids, and you will find this quite soothing.

 You should not be near any environment that may cause burning sensation in your eyes. Such an environment can either be smoke, or wind or fire.

 Give protection to your eyes by wearing high quality sunglasses, face masks, or any other form of eyewear, which would reduce light sensitivity and injury.

 Eat good diet, which is well balanced.

Selecting Best Eye drops for Burning Eyes

There are eye drops out there in the market, but it is not necessary that all of them will be effective. Selecting over the counter eye drops like ITIS will certainly add to burning eye relief. Whenever you are in the physical market in the search of best eye drops for burning eye sensation, make sure you look for these things:

  • The eye drop should use minimum preservatives
  • The viscosity should be high as this is going to provide much needed relief

Burning Eye Drops – Reliable on All Times

You may have a situation where your eyes start hurting in high or low light intensities. There is also an intermittent irritation, which becomes frequent if burning eyes condition goes unnoticed. Administering ITIS ayurvedic eye drops for burning eyes will give you much needed relief. And besides everything else, this burning eye drops will save you from irritation and blurry vision. Therefore, you see, what you want to see and that too with high clarity.