Occurrence of red color on Sclera – which is referred to as the ‘white’ of an eye, results into red eye condition, and it is a cause of concern. The intensity of reddishness of eyes decides the expanse of disease, and mode of treatment, which needs to be administered. In the cases where redness is not intense, the condition can be cured by herbal eye drops for red eyes like ITIS, and this is a remedy for permanent cure.
In the cases where redness is not intense, the condition can be cured by herbal eye drops. Over the counter eye drops for red eyes like ITIS are far more effective in treating mild redness. In India, this condition is quite prevalent in small towns and even in the bustling metro cities. Ayurvedic eye drops for red eyes in India is the soothing remedy, which you can rely on


Precursors to Red Eye Condition

Red eye condition is not painful, though it may irritate few individuals. In general, this condition is considered minor and can be cured easily with the use of ayurvedic eye drops. There are several pharmacy shops around, where you may look for the best eye drops for red eyes treatment. Principal and known causes behind development of red eye condition are: conjunctivitis, eye allergies, contact lenses, smoke, haemorrhage, insomnia, incessantly watching computer monitor and/or TV screen, and environmental pollutants.
Redness of eyes may look simple on the first occurrence, but there can be a development of more serious condition or a full-borne disease like Uveitis or Glaucoma.

Symptoms of Red Eyes

The very first symptom that appears is itchiness. Initially the itchiness is not persistent, but with flux of time, this itchiness becomes persistent. Soon, the itchiness results into more serious condition, where eyelids become extremely swollen. At this stage, Sclera changes the color from light red to rose red. Simultaneously, there is also an onset of burning sensation followed by fibrous discharge. If the condition is not taken care of at this stage, Sclera changes its color to garnet red. When this happens, you may start experiencing blurred vision.

The Opportune Time for Administering Eye Drops for Red Eyes

The condition becomes serious when the eye color is changed to garnet red. It is the stage, when an individual should rush to a physician, and ask for his consultation.
The moment you come across any or all of these symptoms, you need to take preventive care. Make sure, you do not reach the stage of garnet red. Therefore, early cure is always advised, and in this case, you should look for best eye drops for red eyes. ITIS is among the best redness relief eye drops available on over the counter shelves. These drops have ayurvedic base and therefore do not cause any irritation. ITIS is among the eye drops for red eyes in India that you can easily come across on over the counter shelves.


Red Eye Drops: Quick Relief better than Other Methods

Red eyes are completely curable, rather these are not designated in the category of serious diseases. You can alleviate the red eyes condition by following any of these methods:

Watch less movies on HD TV Screen, and take frequent work gaps from your computer monitor.

 Avoid going into direct sunlight. If there is an urgency, wear UV sunglasses.

 Keep hydrating yourself. Redness in eyes may appear, if your body is in a de-hydrated state.

 Sleep well and free of any tension. Healthy sleep is necessary for keeping red eye condition at bay.

 Do not wear contact lenses for longer time intervals. It is advised that you remove them off and on.

 Select best redness relief eye drops – ITIS ayurvedic eye drops are undoubtedly the best option. These eye drops have Madhu (honey) base, which has anti-inflammatory properties effective against allergic conjunctivitis and redness.