India is known for many years for her herbal remedies and natural ways of treatments. Maintaining the personal hygiene of intimate area like vagina by applying the feminine intimate wash, made from herbs, is the way towards cleansing.

The vagina is a sensitive area, where symbiotic bacteria such as Lactobacillus, live and thrive. This symbiotic association exists with other body parts as well. The bacteria are important in maintaining the desired acidity of the vagina as this is essential for preventing infections.

Applying gels, or chemically treated soaps or anything, which is synthetic for cleaning the vaginal skin is not going to do any good. In this way, you are welcoming critical health problems, which may become pervasive with time. Itching, irritation and inflammation occur on vaginal skin because the natural balance of bacteria is affected. Herbal intimate wash is a complete and safe way of cleaning vagina. However, you may have the best intimate wash in India, but unless, you do not know its application, results are not going to fall in line the way you had expected.

Procedures for Using Intimate Wash

You do not have to start feeling paranoid on the thought of using the intimate wash for cleansing the vaginal skin area. Application of intimate care products requires you to follow certain procedures.


Open the lid of intimate wash cream and let the water-soluble cream flow gently on a clean piece of sponge or washcloth. Do not put the cream directly on fingers as this may cause infection on the vaginal skin.


Start applying the cream on the vaginal area by moving the sponge or washcloth in the clockwise and anticlockwise direction.


You should not apply the intimate cream into the vagina. It should be applied around the vagina, very near to the vulva region.


You do not have to mix the intimate cream with water or anything else, as this is going to reduce the effectiveness. Keep the action going for 5 to 10 minutes.


Apply the intimate cream wash at least twice in a day for a well maintained personal hygiene.

If you feel insecurity at any point in time, then you do not need to worry. Application of intimate care products such as 1M intimate cream wash will not hurt you for the reason that you are applying it in the vaginal area after following the recommended procedures.

And finally, your intimate area will remain cleansing, refreshing and more importantly you feel ultimate confide