Tear draining or watering eyes are one of the natural occurrences, but it can turn out to be troublesome and, in many ways, quite frustrating. Tear production in humans is caused by Lachrymal glands. Tears help in keeping the eyes lubricated, and these also help in the removal of foreign bodies. There is one quick relief treatment – Eye drops for watery eyes like ITIS.

Research shows that watery eyes are known to be among the most common of the eye infections. Blockage of tear ducts possible leads to production of excessive tears, and this is known by watery eye condition. However, when the gland starts secreting too many tears, it is the condition, which calls for an immediate action. Thankfully, there is herbal treatment available. The eye drops for watery eyes like ITIS are effective in treating watery eye condition quickly without causing any visible or invisible side effects. Selecting the best eye drops for watery eyes is indeed the only remedial action, offered at ITIS eye care.


Reasons for Occurrence of Watery Eyes

Condition like watery eyes is characterized by excessive tear draining, and this condition gives appearance of glassy looks to the onlooker. In an individual with watery eye condition, the individual will have tears running continuously, or rather more often from his eyes. It is an All-Time crying situation for an onlooker, but for the individual who is going through all the trauma, this is irksome. You can only cure this condition, if you have an insight on the reasons that are responsible for its occurrence.

Cold and windy environmental conditions happen to be one of the most well-known reasons for the occurrence of watery eyes.

 Onset of watery eyes is also common when any foreign body or particulate matter gains entry into the eyes.

 Irritation or inflammation on eye’s surface becomes yet another valid reason behind tears draining out excessively.

 Dry eye situation is reasonably a good reason for instant flow of tears. Situation becomes grim, when irritation and inflammation is there.


Less than Normal Tear Drainage

You may experience watery eyes in a situation where the eye’s tear drainage channels fail to drain a normal volume of tears than is usually desired. This poor drainage of tears become evident when there is a completely choked tear drainage duct or are narrow or displaced tear drainage openings, also known as puncta. In a more extreme condition, the lax eyelids may be a good reason for normal tear drainage ‘pump’ to act, generally triggered by blinking of eyes.

How to Treat the Watery Eyes

Knowing the treatments and methodologies are the best approaches that you should go with. In fact, there is no need to do anything extraordinary, other than performing these simple-method-based practices:

Always protect your eyes from excessive dust and filth. The best way to do this is by wearing either sunglasses or zero power glasses. The glasses provide you with a strong and potent environmental shield.

Avoid going into direct sunlight. If there is an urgency, wear UV sunglasses.

 Take an appropriate sleep, and do not EVER try to alter your biological clock.

 Clean your eyes frequently with clean and cold water. In this way, you also enjoy having soothing effect.


Best Eye Drops for Watery Eyes

Choose the best eye drops for watery eyes. ITIS is a quick action, over the counter eye drop for treating watery eye condition. The key constituents of ITIS are rose water and honey, which stand vanguard by thickening tear film and prevents the irritation.


Watery Eye Drops – Herbal Defence Against Teary Eyes

Teary eyes do not happen to be a serious eye syndrome, but still you are crawled up emotionally. The awkwardness arising out of continuous flow of tears from the eyes, often becomes unbearable. ITIS drops offer a complete herbal defence against the teary eyes condition. Regular use of these eye drops will help you by unblocking the tear ducts. Moreover, quality of tears is also improved. In the end, you have life free from tears.