D-Tan Face Pack 100 G


OZONE D-Tan Face Pack 100 G – Removes Sun Tan, Controls Excess Face Oil | Suitable For Men and Women

 Key Specs

  • Herbal Sun Tan Removal Face Mask– pure herbal anti-tan facial pack that clears-off chronic sun tans and sunburns. Effective in healing severe sunburns, sores, wounds, and helps reduce scarring.
  • Oil Regulating Sun tan face pack– Aloe Vera inherits oil regulating features that assist in controlling and eliminating excess oil secretion.
  • Antibacterial D Tan facial pack – Skin savvy Ayurvedic D Tan Face Mask with high bacterial and fungal resistive properties.
  • Nutritive Face tan removal and oil control face pack –herbs with minerals, vitamins, and pharmacological features that promote skin health and revive skin tone. Aids in retrieving skin beauty.
  • Soothes skin inflammation – Natural D Tan Face mask to provide early relief in sun burns, skin sores, severe UV skin tans, and other inflammatory skin conditions. Ingredient inherits anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties.
  • Lightens skin complexion – Extracts of Cucumber leaf contains active skin-whitening properties that lower dark pigmentation. It inherits effective skin cooling potential minimizing allergy, irritation, and quick repairs sun tan damaged skin.

Product Characteristics – Ozone D-Tan Oil-Control Face Mask

Ozone D Tan and skin health Face pack is the natural remedy of treating sun tan, healing sunburn, and effective herbal solution for oily skin.

  • In sun tanning and overproduce of Sebum (skin Oil)

Each herb in Ozone D Tan face pack inherits skin beneficial properties that enhance deep sun tan cleansing, effective unclogging of choked pores, and regularizes excess oil (sebum) secretion. They are potent in curing sun tan damaged skin by facilitating comprehensive cleansing and helps stabilize abnormal sebum production thereby reducing face oiliness.

  • In boosting Skin Health

The nutritive herbs in Ozone D Tan Face pack are rich in minerals, vitamins, bio-essentials that provide skin nourishment boosting over-all skin health and early awards sun tan and oil-free natural looks.

  • In Skin Reaction

Ingredients in Ozone D Tan Face pack have natural fungal and bacterial resisting features which prevents skin bacteria to settle, breed, and infect the skin.

Ozone D-Tan face pack exhibits anti-allergic properties that help subside skin allergies lowering skin rashes, and itching skin conditions.

  • In Skin Inflammation

Often sun tan, sunburn, and skin allergies cause severe pain. Cucumber in Ozone D-Tan Face pack is known for its skin cooling, skin healing, and skin-soothing potential which help reduce skin inflammation. Cucumber extract in Ozone D-Tan Face pack reduces burning sensation, reduces sun tan, oiliness, tones skin, and evens the skin surface.

If your concerns relate to stubborn sun tanning and oily face, we recommend Ozone herbal Sun Tan face pack and skin care solution as it is effective in reducing sun tan and excess oil secretion.

Skin Beneficial Attributes – Ozone Sun Tan Oil-Control Face Pack and Skin Health Solution

  • Skin Hydration – Aloe Vera acts as moisturizing and keeps skin hydrated
  • Face Defensive – Herbal composition with anti-microbial and anti-fungal agent properties, effective in preventing allergic skin condition.
  • Skin Heal – Quick wound healing preventing development of septic condition
  • Hair Savvy – Non-reactive herbs that benefit hair than damaging
  • Purity Factor – Organic farm sourced herbal input

Ozone D-Tan Oil-Control Face Pack is the best sun tan face pack and effective in oily skin condition.

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    Ravneet Kaur
    The face mask is perfect for dry skin because usually face masks take all the moisture from the skin but this mask is hydrating and although its ingredients are aloevera but it smells like green fresh lemon.you can actually feel the softness and velvety touch while removing the facemask with water. overall this is the best face mask that I have used so far and lastly full points for the prompt delivery
    Vaishali Prajapati
    Other products received by you please send my original order
    Best D-Tan face pack, I ever used... Best
    ANU sachdeva
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No wonder Glo Radiance works as per its name! It has made my skin ever radiating and shiny. What a miracle product it might be. I am going to keep this in my kitty forever

Nalini Bhatia

Glo Radiance De-Tan Cleanser is the only best product that I have used to date. None but it worked as promised. It is undoubtedly the most genuine De-Tan product.

Prabha Kiran

What a great product Instant Glo Bleach is! easy to apply and quick in the result. What more one may desire from an instant bleach, and this one is best among all that I have used before.

Shiksha Saini

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