Almond (the Nut) is the product of deciduous flowering tree with pale pink flowers. The nut is enriched with monounsaturated fatty acids, minerals (Potassium and Zinc), vitamins (especially Vitamin E), and proteins. It also has rich fibre content, which plays a significant role in keeping you nourished from within. The herbal Almond soap made from the extract of sweet Almond oil gives it the beneficial properties for protecting skin’s mucous membrane.

Here Are The Merits Of Using Almond Soap:

Repairs the skin – The Almond soap is rich in several types of natural ingredients, and the most prominent being antioxidants. The flowering plant produces phenols, and many types of chemicals, which are antioxidants. Protection to the skin is given from inside to the outside. These ingredients are infused with Almond soap; helpful in repairing the sun damage.

Improves tone of your skin – The herbal soap has Vitamin E, which is yet another strong anti-oxidant, playing a critical role in improving skin tone through the way of nourishing every cell of the skin from deep within. Importance of Vitamin E can also be corroborated from the fact that it aids in preserving the natural properties of soap for a longer time.

Enhances the skin radiance – The herbal Almond soap has Omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential in maintaining the immune system and energy levels. It is very obvious that if your body’s immune system is in order, the energy levels will be increased and your skin begins radiating its natural exuberance.

Replenishes the dead skin cells – Skin is the largest organ, which covers and protects all other organs. The surface layer or mucous membrane of skin is prone to environmental problems like dust, grit and filth. The cells on mucous membrane suffer quietus, and these need to be replenished very often. Almond soap has high protein levels, and you know it well that proteins are building blocks of our body. These micronutrients also fuel the energy currencies like ATPs. Bathing regularly with soap will, therefore, provide you with much-needed energy and also increase the rate of growth of cells on the mucous membrane. It also replaces old and dead cells quickly.

The herbal Almond soap from Ozone Herbals offers you holistic skin care. Bathing with this herbal soap will give back to your skin all the lost nutrients as well as its natural sheen. You feel like being the part of beauty and stardom.