While preventing stretch marks is your best bet, hydration and moisturizing
are also good ways to get rid of them once they’ve appeared. Here are a few
ways to tackle stretch marks the natural way:

1. Use moisturizing oils and rubs
Specific stretch mark creams are mostly a gimmick. If you’re going try
moisturizing as a solution, olive oil, castor oil, vitamin E oil, cocoa butter, shea
butter, chamomile cream, almond oil, and aloe vera gel are all great options
to keep your skin smooth and supple while also infusing it with key vitamins
to help it heal.
Aloe vera in particular has been used on skin for decades to help heal and
reduce scarring caused by stretch marks. Coconut oil has also been found to
improve skin elasticity and increase regeneration of skin cells. Applying any
one of these things to the affected area in circular motions on a regular basis
may help stretch marks fade.

2. Eat a diet rich in vitamin K
Vitamin K may aid in the removal of stretch marks, among other skin
conditions. The best natural sources of vitamin K—which also happen to
contain antioxidants—include all the leafy greens, such as kale, spinach, and
swiss chard, as well as vegetables like brussels sprouts and scallions.

3. Stay hydrated
At the most basic level, staying hydrated is one of the best ways to keep your
skin supple and elastic, which will help guard against the tearing of the skin.
Staying hydrated means drinking at least an eight-ounce glass of water
morning and night and two at every meal. While everybody has different
hydration needs, it’s easy to get a hold of how much water you should be
drinking every day to stay perfectly hydrated.

Apart from all these, OZONE Wanish Oil is a stretch marks body oil that is
made with exclusive care to help you in the process:
What are its ingredients?

● Sesame Oil:
○ Rich source of vitamin B, C, D & E complex
○ Reduces swamcars and stretch marks
● Sweet Almond Oil:
○ Excellent source of vitamin A,B2 & E
○ Increases elasticity of skin
● Apricot kernel Oil:
○ Rich in Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids
○ Helps skin retain its elasticity and clarity
● Argan Oil:
○ Excellent source of Anti-inflammatory fatty acids
○ Restores hydration

How it works
● Gentle massage of Wanish Body Oil on affected areas allows collagen,
elastin, natural melanocytes to initiate the repair process by improving
the blood supply
● Natural Vitamin E in Wanish Body Oil ensures enhanced elasticity of
collagen fibres
● Thus prevents stretch marks
● An effective stretch marks treatment modality
The benefits:
● Quicker & Deeper Penetration
● Replenishes Elastin protein
● Repairs damaged collagen
● Improves cell renewal
● Makes skin healthy, resilient & firmer
● Prevents de-novo development of Stretch Marks
● Reduces stretch marks severity
● Safe in expecting and new mothers
● Compatible with breastfeeding