Licorice Or Liquorice – Nature’s Miracle Gift To Your Skin

What exactly is Licorice or Liquorice? 

It can only be touted as a ‘matter of chance’ that Licorice or Liquorice, being one of the oldest Herbal remedies that nature has to offer from its boundless bouquet of benefitting ingredients, is not very popularly heard of. This botanical ingredient can be a game-changer to your skincare and you would thank us in hindsight for introducing you to this wonder ingredient sooner than later in life. LICORICE in hindi is better known as ‘mulethi’. It majorly refers to the root of the ‘Licorice Plant’, also known as ‘Glycyrrhiza Glabra’ in the scientific nomenclature. 


Native to the Southern Europe and Western Asia geographies, this root extract is bursting at the seams with the goodness of more than 300 plant compounds. These compounds are ‘packed-like-sardines’ with anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Since the ‘month of Sundays’, Licorice root extract has been extensively used by mankind to treat various ailments, in food and beverages, medicines, as well as in skincare products. It is particularly beneficial for the womenfolk as it efficaciously treats acne or eczema skin condition, boosts weight loss, as well as reduces menopause symptoms. Those hot flashes and momentary dizziness that are so typical of the herald of menopause are noticeably counteracted by the regular intake of licorice root extract. 

Due to the highly anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory propensity of its plant compounds, Licorice is actively used in treating conditions of heartburn, acid reflux, and infections. The soothing benefits of Licorice (Liquorice) can be traced back to the Egyptian Civilization when this sweetening root was added to the beverages prepared for the Pharaohs. Glycyrrhizin, the main active plant compound of Licorice Root Extract is responsible for giving it a sweet and sublime taste. To date, the use of the plant compound as a flavoring agent in food and beverages is quite widespread. Licorice tea is consumed to soothe sore throats.


What are the benefits of Licorice or Liquorice in skincare?

Attributing to its anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial disposition, Licorice is very productive in treating severe acne and eczema skin conditions. 

  1. Treats acne and eczema – For girls and women who suffer from dreaded acne, Glycyrrhizin is a God sent ingredient, found only in the Licorice Root Extract. Though it can be applied topically as well, skin experts advocate using it as a soothing gel or in a face pack form. Active Glycyrrhizin fights Staphylococcus aureus, a bacterium that is widely known to cause multiple skin infections. For healthy and infection-free skin, women must resort to incorporating licorice in their skincare rituals.
  1. Reduces redness, itchiness, and scaling on the skin – Such is the soothing properties of this root extract, that it is imbibed in a lot of skin formulations (often prescribed by dermatologists) that are well-known to effectually cure dryness-induced scaling of the skin. When the outer layer of the epidermis is lost in large quantities, the skin tends to wear off in flakes. This is often seen as dryness or itchiness. Glycyrrhizin found in Licorice (or Liquorice) is very helpful in soothing and restoring such skin to normalcy. 
  1. Reduces Hyperpigmentation – If you notice dark spots or patches on your face, that becomes a dampener and a point of concern. This patchy appearance, referred to as pigmentation arises when the melanin production of our skin is disturbed and imbalanced. Due to the presence of free radicals in our body, the behavior of melanin generating cells gets impacted and they start producing unusual amounts of melanin in some areas of the skin, thereby making those patches darker. Licorice root extracts work on inhibiting the movement of these free radicals, thereby preventing the excess production of melanin. Dark spots or hyperpigmentation are only treated with the help of licorice extract and hence, most of the formulations tend to contain them.
  1. Promotes anti-aging and skin lightening – Licorice Root Extract, which is overcharged with beneficial plant compounds is known to thwart premature aging. The hero compound Glycyrrhizin is again to be acknowledged here for acing up as a strong anti-oxidant against damaging UV rays and free radicals, thereby restraining premature aging as well as pigmentation. Another competent compound, Glabridin also helps in skin lightening by preventing the production of the skin darkening enzyme, Tyrosinase that is a result of direct and prolonged exposure to the sun. At the cost of over bombarding with benefactor facts, Licorice is also laced up with another helpful compound called Liquiritin. It again helps with skin lightening by disintegrating the existing melanin and free radicals in the skin. To conclude, Licorice makes for a potent ingredient in anti-aging creams, sun protection lotions, skin brightening serums, as well as anti-bacterial face masks and face-packs.

Who should use Licorice or Liquorice extract?

After stating the numerous benefits of this powerful plant extract, it only serves as a mere formality to mention the need to include Licorice in skincare. Anyone suffering from acne, eczema, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, premature aging, or dull skin must embrace nature’s herbal benediction to mankind, called Licorice Root Extract.


Products with the ingredient Licorice?


Ozone Ayurvedics offers the benefits of Licorice (or Liquorice) packed in its skincare products. One can include the Complexion Reviving Cream, Complexion Brightening Hydrant, Glo Radiance Complexion Awakening Gel, Glo Radiance Renewing Day Cream, Glo Radiance De-Tan Cleanser, that all contain Licorice root extract in addition to other ingredients like Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Mango Seed Butter, Lemon Extract, Amla, Shea Butter, Almond Oil and much more. 


How to use Licorice or Liquorice Root Extract?

Though Licorice extract is not known to cause any allergic reactions or allergies on its own, still it is advised to not use the ingredient blindly and in large quantities. Using the skincare product once or twice a day shall suffice, enabling the product to show its best results. As a note, do adhere to the usage directives as mentioned on the product packaging. 

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