Our skin is the biggest organ, and managing it often becomes a gargantuan task. Several problems start affecting the health of your skin; such problems occur as the result of either bad hygiene or genetics. Hyperpigmentation on facial skin and anywhere else results from overproduction of melanin from the melanocyte cells. This overproduction is triggered by various external and internal factors such as:

Post acne condition–The occurrence of acne scars is triggered when the normal skin tissues are obliterated and instead a fibrous tissue is formed. The appearance of acne lesions causes severe damage, and our skin starts producing either too much of tissues or just far too little. If more tissues are produced, it results into keloid or a hypertrophic scar and if skin produces fewer tissues, depression appears on the skin and this is the atrophic scar. Neem face pack for acne treatment is the appropriate herbal remedy you can ever think about. Besides, there are also many other over the counter herbal face wash for pigmented skin available online. Selecting the one that matches your skin, would be beneficial.

Inflammation on the skin due to sunlight – The harmful UV rays from sunlight have a devastating effect on our skin tone, and this is one of the common most causes of hyperpigmentation. UV rays falling on the epithelial lining of skin triggers an inflammatory response, and this kind of response begins almost immediately as the sun rays touch our skin. Initially, you may not be able to notice any change in skin color, but continuous exposure to sunlight causes intense inflammation. As the level of inflammation rises, our body releases inflammatory mediators, activating melanocytes. Further exposure of skin to UV rays keep melanocytes active for longer period of time and very soon, you are going to come across signs of hyperpigmentation.

Skin reactions caused due to Allergies– Histamines are released within the body due to some kind of reaction, and when this happens, the signs are seen on the epithelial lining of the skin. Inflammation is clearly visible on the skin surface. There may be skin irritation as well. All of it will lead to the appearance of skin pigmentation. If you do not vouch for over the counter products right in the beginning, the situation begins to become complex and disordered.

Use of broad-spectrum antibiotics- Many medications have a direct effect on skin cells, and hyperpigmentation is the side effect of these medications. Antibiotics, Anti-fungal medications, non-steroidal drugs – all of them play a major role in causing hyperpigmentation. Medication also activates melanocytes and skin becomes excessively dark as the result of it. Use of topical face wash creams is an effective remedy.

Herbal Cure of Facial Skin

Most skin diseases known today to mankind can be cured by using herbal skin care products. Herbal face wash for pigmented skin is available at over the counter stores. You can also make a choice of neem face wash for acne treatments. It is undoubtedly the best herbal cure for facial skin pigmentation arising in the post acne conditions.