We live in a world that is constantly obsessed and frenzied with social media appearances and trends. Our feeds are saturated with new global skincare, makeup, and beauty fads every now and then. One quick scroll through the feed and we can have access to zillions of beauty hacks and rituals on the other side of our phone screens. Though at Ozone, we do not advocate blindly emulating any random beauty ritual that you see on-screen, yet glass-like skin is one such beauty aspiration we ardently advise each woman to aim for. Design your skincare regime in a way that strives to help you achieve a glass-like translucent sheen and an illuminated striking glow from with.



Well, to say the least, a glass-like lustrous skin is every girl’s dream, and very rightly so! A skin that is almost blindingly flawless, exceptionally smooth and feels feather-light both from the look and feel of it. A nourished and intensely hydrated skin that boasts of an uneven complexion tone and looks deeply illuminated, shining like a star (well it truly is). But the task of achieving this phenomenal skin condition is not as much of an uphill task as it is made out to look on those YouTube videos. It is a K beauty skin fantasy that has been recently unveiled to the world, all courtesy the Korean beauty lexicon and it doesn’t seem to be fading away anytime soon.

The approach to achieving this ‘lit-from-within’ translucent skin is adhering to a more holistic and well-rounded skincare practice than just relying on a couple of beauty products. Well, one thing is for sure. No makeup hack or cosmetic can help you get to a glass skin. It is only through a well-curated skincare regime and a lifestyle cleanse that can detoxify your whole system internally and bring about that heavenly, serene, ethereal-looking skin. A skin so buoyant and supple, rejoicing in the overabundant hydration and nutriment that it just reflects as much amount of the light as it catches.


  1. Drink gallons of water– The simple translation of a ‘glass-like- skin is a very well-hydrated skin. The more water you supplement your body with, the brighter glow your skin emanates. Drink gallons of water in a day. It cleanses your system internally, flushes out toxins, and brings about that healthy, blemish-free glow. 

2. Focus on your diet – Consult a nutritionist if need be. Your skin is a manifestation of your inner health. Every food category does not resonate with every body type. Ask someone who is gluten-intolerant or doesn’t harbor benefitting compatibility with dairy food products. One glass of milk or that one harmless piece of cheese and their skin almost exhibits its stubbornness and reacts adversely. For people with acne prone skin, there are a lot of food products that can invariable exacerbate the whole acne issue for you. Follow a diet chart aligned to your body type and augment your body with healthy doses of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

3. Fix your sleeping schedules – Sleep is requisite to a healthy body and a sane mind. And the health reflects itself in the form of a lustrous and ebullient skin and hair condition as well. A sound, carefree 7 to 8 hours of baby sleep is non-negotiable. It is not just the body that relaxes, but also our skin, that gets the much-needed break time to rejuvenate, heal and repair itself. So, if you want to get rid of those scars, under-eye dark circles, pigmentation and dark patches, just leave all the worries in the world and go off to sleep. Let the magic powers of the fantasy world of dreams do their own magic. Rather, they say taking a 20- minute power nap in the day does some unbelievable good to our skin.

4. Indulge in exercise – Exert your body. Let those toxins push themselves out of your system. All that adrenaline rush and the blood flow is quite effective in nourishing the skin. The blood carries oxygen and nutrients to various body parts and strenuous exercise aids in effectively regulating the blood flow to the skin. What it leads to is a flushed out, supple, buoyant skin. Even the sweat that the body generates during physical activity happens to be very beneficial for\ the skin. It helps to restore the pH balance of the skin. The water in the sweat hydrates the uppermost layer of the skin (epidermis), the minerals and salts naturally exfoliate the dead skin cells, while the uric acid helps in evading dry skin and the condition of dermatitis (itch, irritated skin)

So, next time when you feel your skin all illuminated after a grueling workout session, it is the happy hormone – endorphins doing its magic and the sweat, moisturizing your skin and bringing about that healthy glow.

5. An AM-PM skincare regime – Sacrosanct to achieving an impeccable glass-like luminosity, one must have a very well-designed ‘twice–a–day’ skincare beauty ritual in place. A deeply clarifying cleanser, gentle exfoliator, replenishing toner, moisturizer (or a day cream), serum or facial oil, and a sun-protective lotion is all that you need in your armour. Always ensure to choose your skin products pertaining to your specific skin concern. And always remember to use them as prescribed in their manual or on packaging.

What food is to your body, these products are to your skin? One cannot fathom having glass-like transparency to their skin, without consistently feeding it with nutrients. Invest a good 10-15 minutes in the morning, with a calm mind, and apply your skin-specific products one after the other to your skin. Doesn’t this sound loving and caressing your skin like a baby? Well, that’s what it is. The harder you work on it, the better it shows.

At night, it is cardinal sin to not treat your skin to the same levels of decadence as you did in the morning. Cleanse it well at night and lather it with as many nourishing products as you possibly can. We strongly recommend using ‘Glo Radiance Hydra Skin Cleanser’ (a Micellar water formulation) for deep cleaning your skin both in the day time and at night. Before hitting the sacks, ensure to indulge in a good night repair cream (Glo Radiance Repairing Night Cream) that ensures that you wake up with a lit face in the morning that has that much coveted ‘glass-like-luminosity’.

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