An Expert Guide On Why To Use A Tan Removal Cream?

Tan Removal Cream is not a magic wand that can be swished around to surprise you with a fairer, more glowing skin. But it is an efficacious product, that removes all the tanned skin and dead cells that have accumulated over our facial epidermal layer as a result of prolonged and direct exposure to sun and pollution. The resultant appearance is that of an even-toned skin that people often misconstrue as fairer skin.

We do not realize, but our everyday activities, do put us out there, in open, to the sun, very often. Even if we captivate ourselves to the interiors, the sun rays do manage to invade, and we unknowingly expose our skin to its damaging effects. Henceforth, over some time, the superficial layers bear the brunt and develop tan and dead skin all over. A few of us might feel that we are turning a few shades darker with age, but evidently, that is not the case. It is all the evil work of those harsh sun rays casting their spell over our delicate, soft, vulnerable skin.

Therefore, vital to achieving a supple and healthy glow, we must include an effectual, invigorating tan removal cream in our daily skincare. Experts strongly suggest the use of not just a de-tanning cream to combat the ill-effects but also the use of a De-Tan Cleanser and an Exfoliator or Scrub regularly. None of us would prefer a lackluster, drab, and dreary skin appearance that has lost out all its glow and radiance to the tan and dead cells.

Ozone Ayurvedics De-Tan Cleanser is a time-honored and a much appreciated and revered product in this category. Made of a unique blend of natural, organic activators, the cleanser gets absorbed into your deeper layers and works on reinvigorating and stimulating your skin from within. The result is a more, supple and enlivened skin that looks flawless on the exterior. 

In the De-Tan category, another of the forerunner product that has for long-lived up to its unparalleled excellence is the Glo Radiance De-Tan Cleanser. The product utilizes the emollient benefits of natural ingredients like cucumber and shea butter while taking off tan, dirt, and grease from the face.

A lightened, brightened and glowing skin is what one can see in the mirror in just one use. Lactic acid works on removing the tan, the cucumber acts as a toner tightening the pores, while the shea butter quenches the moisture needs of the skin. The result is a beautiful, glowing skin that looks fresh and flawlessly clean.

Do we need to use a Tan Removal Cream all year around?

For the uninitiated, the pernicious (gradually harmful and damaging) effects of the sun rays are just as intense in the indoors as they are in the outdoors. To begin with, one cannot just escape or do without using a good Sun Protection lotion, whether they move out in the sun or stay inside a closed space.

Again, experts suggest that even if the weather authorities predict an outcast for the day or there is a sunless sky, one cannot afford to move out without putting on a thick layer of sunscreen or sunblock. Sun rays are capable of causing irreparable and irreversible damage even within 7 minutes of direct exposure!


Ozone Ayurvedics takes pride in its Glow4Sure Sun Protection range that offers two superlative products in this range – the Glow4Sure Sunscreen Lotion and Glow4Sure Sunscreen Gel. Both the products offer aesthetically proven comfort, moisture, and protection- all at the same time. And holding to the commitment of organic goodness, they are paraben, gluten and oil-free and also hold the distinction of being vegan. (No disappointment to our vegan lovers there !)

Using sun protection is your first shield against the sun, but you will still engulf the darkening and tanning effects that the UV radiations (Ultraviolet) have on the skin. The increased levels of produced melanin result in the darkening of the uppermost layers of the exposed skin portions.

The solution is to religiously use a de-tan or a tan removal cream to effectively remove all of this tan. Ideally, one should be using these products through all the weathers; summers, monsoons, and winters alike. The Glo Radiance De-Tan Cleanser is a facial cleanser and should be used twice a month for the best and noticeable results. 

Else, if you are returning from a beach vacation or from a location where the sun rays are even harsher and affect the skin more adversely, it is best advised to be more stringent with the use of your De-Tan skincare regime. Ozone Ayurvedics offers its best-selling Instant-Glo Beach which is a regular on the wish list of our loyalists.

With its enriching active ingredients, Aloe Vera and Turmeric, it makes your skin glow naturally with just one application. While turning your facial hair lighter, it also effectively works on removing all the tan and dead cells from your skin. A brighter and more even-toned skin is what awaits you at the other end of this 15-20 minute long bleach session. 

Can we remove Tan with homemade products?

Often people rely on ingredients from their refrigerator to work wonders on their skin. Though natural products are the best benefactors, it is not always best advised to put them directly on the skin. Also, frequent use and uninformed application may result in more undesirable results than benefits.

Lemon may be effective against removing tan, but the direct application often triggers the skin and causes itchiness and dryness. Another natural ingredient that is touted best to combat tan is Aloe Vera, but in its natural composition, the ingredient is highly allergenic to most skin types. Milk and honey are the two products that can either be used individually or applied as a pack to alleviate the impact of tanning. 

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