BEST FACE WASH for ACNE PRONE skin in India 

ACNE is a dreaded skin breakout condition that is common in teenagers and young adults. Having said that, the existence of adult acne at any age in life cannot be out rightly denied!  It could either be an outcome of hormonal imbalance or can happen due to clogging of hair follicles on the skin with oil and dead skin cells. Generally, sensitive skin that is reactive and volatile to even the minutest of internal and external factors is more prone to bearing acne, breakouts, and pimples. The outcome does much disservice to your physical appearance and subsequently, as seen in most cases, has a severe impact on self-worth and confidence levels too. Those little devils and their scars have rattled the brimming confidence of many young girls alike for years, for no fault of their at all! No doubt every teenage girls perennial search on Google remains to be “the best face wash for acne prone skin.”



A few of the symptoms that help identify the condition of acne are inflamed pimples, the emergence of blackheads and whiteheads, itchy red and tender bumps, and overall enlargement of pores. The condition can be touted as further worsened if your acne causes, itchiness, and constant irritability and further develop painful white heads over time. Though the eruption of acne cannot be completely restrained, yet a few measures taken can certainly help keep a tab on the intensity of the condition.


WAY TO CURB THE CONDITION OF ACNE PRONENESS (decoding the best face wash for acne prone skin) 

Eating clean and healthy and abstaining from any fried or junk food is certainly the first step towards having clear, acne-free skin. They do say that ‘What you eat, shows on your face’ for some reason! Externally, keeping your skin free from oil, dirt and pore-clogging debris is imperative to letting your skin breathe and not develop any undesirable breakout condition. Those pores are nothing but your misdeeds from the past life. Cleanse and purify your pores just as much as you would want to cleanse your sins! Dermatologists, the world over, recommend the use of a mild, effective Facial Cleanser or a Face Wash at least twice a day (AM and PM). It helps remove the oil and dead skin from the ‘Epidermis’ (the uppermost layer of the skin) and the ‘Dermis’ (the middle layer) layers of the skin. It is the ‘Dermis’ layer that contains the connective tissues, hair follicles, and sweat glands of the skin. Hence, it is cardinal to keep both these layers absolutely clean and clear in order to countervail having any acne symptoms on the face.

Choosing the right face wash or cleanser for your skin can be quite detrimental to your journey of ‘having a glowing, flawless skin’. No wonder, beautiful skin starts with having clean skin that breathes freely from within. Analyze your skin type, whether it is oily, dry, normal, or overly sensitive. Unless a dermatologist prescribes, do not opt for any harsh chemical-laden or reactive face washes that further aggravate the condition and lead to more complications. Suiting your skin type, choose a mild face wash that is unembellished with any harsh ingredients like parabens or sulphates. An ideal face wash shall be all-natural, made of organic, nourishing ingredients that do not just clean your skin but also supplement it with essential nutrients.



At Ozone, we lay paramount importance to the ingredients used in our skin care products and solutions. We rely heavily on our ethically sourced and organically grown natural ingredients that are moved directly from the farm to our manufacturing units. We believe in preserving the natural essence and quality of these ingredients and directly transforming them into our products. We strongly believe our skin tissues to be very delicate and tender and nothing artificial or synthetic should be applied to them. Enriched with nature’s goodness through ingredients like Jasmine, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Almond Oil, and Mango Seed Butter, these products work deeply into the layers of the skin, infusing requisite suppleness and nourishment to the dull and fatigued skin cells.

If you are looking for the best face wash for acne prone skin, look no further. The range of face washes and cleansers from the Ozone Beauty shelf can easily be touted as the best solutions available. All the products are concern specific and commit to providing targeted tailored solutions to your skin concerns. You can choose from our delicately crafted product ranges that are available both at the salons as well as over-the-counter stores all across the country.



Specifically designed to curb those devils and give a flawless, clear skin is the ‘Acne Check Face Wash’.  With ingredients like Aloe Vera, Neem, and Lemon, the face wash works brilliantly with its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and oil-controlling properties, giving you an envious-worthy radiant skin. 

For women with dull, and drab skin that has lost its sheen to sun, long working hours, and normal fast pace of the life, we recommend using ‘Complexion Brightening Face Wash’, and ‘Perfect Skin Tone Face Wash’. The ‘Jasmine Face Wash’ is another revered jewel in our collection of face washes. Exotic Jasmine, Aloe Vera and natural herbs work in unison to lend a clarified, smoothened and refreshed appearance to the skin post each wash. The lasting scent of the Jasmine flower imports the senses into a zone of serenity and unperturbed calm.

Additionally, for those lovely ladies suffering from acne disasters, using just an Acne healing face wash would not get the monkey off your back. We suggest you to adopt a holistic approach to your skincare and also include other products from our skin specific range. Add ‘Acne Check Hydrant’, ’Acne Healing Mask’, and the treatment kit ‘Acne Healing kit’ to fight away those mischievious breakouts with full force. 

Our ‘Hydra Skin Cleanser’, which is micellar water that works on the ‘no-water-rinse’ technology, is an ideal product for the women on the go. This Adam’s ale (water) based cleanser is nothing but a benefactor to a clean, refreshed, flawless skin. The gentle, purifying organic ingredients neutralize the toxins and super clean the skin cells while working on improving the texture. What you get to see is a smooth, coruscant, even-toned skin that speaks for its own ascendancy. The cleanser can be used both as a no-rinse makeup remover as well as to cleanse and purify the face.

One of the most effective defense mechanism against acne is to keep the skin pores clean and purified, yet at the same time keep it optimally hydrated and nourished.