In the last few months, the world has changed like never before. Who knew, the face masks that never really made it to the existential commodities list would become such an indispensable part of our lives. So much so, that a face mask would be our strongest armour against the deadly Corona virus. Though, it is imperative to wear a mask at most times of the day and especially while moving out, wearing it constantly is not great news for the skin. ‘Mask-acne’ (acne caused due to wearing a face mask) has become a common skin concern and it is not difficult to fathom the why of it. If you have been noticing frequent acne and skin breakouts around your chin and lip area, then you are also someone fallen victim to mask-acne or ‘maskne’. 



With the way the temperatures are soaring these summers, a lot of us are facing the concern of skin itching and clogged pores leading to skin infections. Face Masks are only aiding in aggravating the situation further. Read on as we share with you the ways in which you can curb and treat the causes leading to these acne breakouts.

  1. Wash your face regularly  

Though it is generally suggested to use a face wash twice a day, it is better to wash your face more frequently when wearing a mask. Use a gentle face wash or cleanser every time you take your mask off. While we move around in the outdoors wearing a mask, the chances of oil, dirt and environmental pollutants sticking onto our mask are quite high. These then get transferred to our skin. To avoid microbial infections, it is crucial to keep the skin clean. We suggest choosing from our range of mild and caressing face washes and cleansers that keep the skin moisturized while wiping away the impurities. 

In case you do not have access to water at all times, we strongly recommend the ‘Glo Radiance Hydra skin cleanser’ to clean your face. A micellar water formulation, it cleanses the skin perfectly without any need to rinse with water, making it as good as a sanitizer for face.


  • Change your face mask often

Do not carry on with the same face mask for days. Keep fresh new masks handy and replace the one that you are using every couple of days. Also, it helps to wash your face mask every day. Wearing a dirty mask on your face is just as good (or worse) as wearing dirty clothes on a fresh day. Ensure that your mask is absolutely dry and doesn’t bear any moisture. A dampened mask can lead to a lot of skin infections and allergies. Also, refrain from sharing your mask with anyone. Keep it at a dry, secluded place and ensure it is not being touched upon by too many hands. 


  • The fabric of the face mask

The fabric of the mask is vital to allowing breathability and preventing any abrasion with the skin. Do not opt for synthetic fabrics like nylon, rayon or lycra. These materials can cause further irritation to the skin and lead to rashes and acne. Use face masks in soft, natural fabrics like cotton and linen that are soothing to the skin and also absorb the summer perspiration well. Natural fabrics also ensure that the mask does not develop bad odour, further posing as a resting ground for bacteria and other germs. 


  • The fit of the Mask

A mask that fits too tight or snugly acts as a barrier to comfortable breathing and also tends to cause more sweat leading to obstruction of pores. A fitted mask rubs too much against the skin and especially given the hot and humid weather, this has high chances of causing skin discomfort. Hoard on masks with a flexible fit that are neither too tight nor loose.


  • Use a Toner

Using a toner can have more multifarious benefits than one. It keeps the pores tightened; hence the probability of acne, oil, sebum or dirt clogging the pores and causing breakouts reduces substantially. A mild toner also works on maintaining the pH balance of the skin and preventing it from turning too acidic or alkaline, either of the conditions being not too great for the skin. Dab some toner onto your face each time before putting on a face mask. We suggest choosing between our bestsellers ‘Classic Cucumber Toner’ and ‘Classic Rose Toner’ depending upon the skin type. 


  • Use an Anti-Acne Face Moisturizer

If you already have your skin breaking out around the chin and lip area, we suggest using our ‘Acne Check Face Wash’ and ‘Acne Check Hydrant’ as part of your daily skincare regime. These products are non-comedogenic and help skin fight the causes leading to skin irritability.


  • Avoid wearing makeup

With the ongoing sweltering heat wave going on, wearing layers of makeup beneath your face mask only increases the probability of congesting the pores and causing infections to happen. Stay away from makeup and keep your skin as clean and fresh as possible. All you need is ample amounts of moisturization for your skin to look healthy and glowing. Make skincare your new best friends and part ways with makeup for a while. 


  • Drink lots of water

When it comes to skincare, water is an answer to a lot of woes. And the same holds true in the case of mask-acne as well. To keep the skin breathing and the pores uncongested, it helps to drink lots of water during the day and keep the skin amply hydrated. A well-nourished skin also has a greater tenacity to fight against any sort of infections and allergies. 

It is better to be safe than sorry. Keeping in mind, how ghastly the pandemic situation had been and the swiftness with which the virus spreads, it is prudent to wear a mask than otherwise. But, the acne that tags along with that mask sure has a way to be fought with. Follow some basic hygiene practices and indulge in an acne-controlling skincare range, and your skin shall be just as healthy and flawless as the pre-mask days.  

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