‘You may love her, you may hate her, but you can’t ignore her’ – that’s precisely the relationship all brothers share with their sisters and vice versa of course.

Sibling love is a complicated emotion to dissect. It is an undeniable love that permeates through every bit of our consciousness. But no denying, our siblings do get on our nerves sometimes. With all the idiosyncrasies of this relationship, the fights, disagreements and squabbles, it still remains a bond we hold very dear to our heart. There is never any going farther away from our sibling. No words are needed, just a carefree round of banter and a heartfelt gesture of caring and we are back to square one of the equation.

Rakhi marks an important day of celebration to further foster this precious bond. The festival is no more about the stereotypical adherence to the age-old beliefs of the brother protecting his sister from all the evils and ills of the world. These days the sisters are far more self-reliant and independent to take care of themselves and at times, of their brothers as well. It makes it more fitting to rather spend some good time and spoil your sibling with an indulgent extravagance of sorts.

Genuine caring translates into some thoughtful gifting as well. Keeping the auspiciousness of the festivity in mind, Ozone Ayurvedics has curated gift packings of some of its most effective and luxurious skincare products that would be an ideal decadence of sorts of your sibling.



We have the luxuriantly designed assortment of our Jasmine range products that are well revered for bringing about pristine flawlessness to the skin. The range comprises of the Jasmine Face Cleanser, Jasmine Toner and the Jasmine Moisturizer. We all are overworked or overstretched

in these fast-paced lives of ours and unfortunately, the skin bears the brunt. This entire skincare range is formulated with the idea of unleashing the benefits of mogra flower (jasmine) that is native to the Indian sub-continent, for our skin.

To help your sister indulge in the exuberance and the soothing aftereffects of Jasmine, gift her

the Jasmine Rakhi gift box. The products are lavishly wrapped in perfect gifting papers and come in a practical yet stylish wooden gift box. The box would be a sight to behold on her vanity, rightly keeping the products at room temperature, away from the heat of sun rays. It also makes for an excellent box to carry and store your other essentials as well.



Men today are more metrosexual and conscious of their outward appearances than they have been ever before. And thank God for that! Our brothers too deserve a lot of pampering and self- care to keep them in their best looks and well-maintained demeanour. Constant moving out in the direct sun and exposure to harmful UV Radiation takes a toll on their skin and leads to pigmentation, tanning and dark spots. Our D-Tan Range has been specially formulated to address the tanning woes of both men and women alike. For this Rakhi, Ozone Ayurvedics has fondly handcrafted a sumptuous gift packing of the D-TAN range of products that would make for a great gifting option for your brother. The range consists of D Tan Face Wash, Face Scrub and Face Pack. With active organic ingredients like Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Cucumber, Licorice and more as their base constituents, these products would deeply rejuvenate his skin, wiping away any stubborn tanning and pigmentation.

The range again comes in a fascinating gift paper wrapping enclosed in the Wooden Gift box. This Rakhi, do not just limit your celebrations to tying the pious thread and savouring chocolates and sweets. Spoil your beloved sibling with some premium skincare range that transforms their outer appearance and also contributes to elevating and enhancing their confidence further.

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