Rain God’s are over us and we are relishing the sweet smell of wet earth, light drizzles and cool breezes. But this drop in temperatures and respite from scorching summer heat also brings in its wake intense humidity and skin-related allergies and infections. If your skin and hair have been behaving rebelliously during the current monsoon season, you are not the only one. None of us is spared from the horrid humidity levels and the overall dampness. Monsoon is one of the most hassling times for our hair and skin and proneness to infections, allergies, frizz and waywardness is at an all-time high. 



If you would have noticed, the amplified levels of stickiness and greasiness in the air constantly make our skin feel dirty and damp. Even after our morning skincare routine, the skin starts feeling sluggish very soon. This is because the sudden change in temperatures makes it overtly sensitive and further reactive to internal and external changes. It almost looks unpleasantly tired and unappealing all the time.

In normal temperature conditions, the skin maintains an optimal equilibrium of its alkaline and acidic composition. But the increased humidity levels during rains disrupt this balance. The oil glands go into overdrive and start secreting more oil. The usual skin type starts showing aberrant and unusual patterns. Oily skin becomes oilier with more sebum and oil being secreted. Dry skin becomes drier with itchiness and flakiness being a common occurrence. Sensitive skin starts reacting even more and gets prone to acne and breakouts. 

The pores become more enlarged than ever before. Their propensity to get obstructed and clogged grows higher leading to acne, breakouts and zits. 

Monsoon robs the skin of its natural moisture and the ability to retain hydration. The dampness of the air combined with pollutants in the environment predisposes skin to greater chances of bacterial and fungal infections and concerns like rashes, eczema, skin irritation and pimples.   

It is therefore imperative to keep the skin clean and amply hydrated at all times so that it has the tenacity to fight off these infections and retain its normal pH balance. 


HYDRA SKIN CLEANSER – A blessing to the skin during monsoons

We all feel the constant urge to wash off our face multiple times during the day. But no matter how gentle the face wash is, it would still take away some natural moisture from the skin.

Constant rinsing with water would also make it feel stretched and irritated. The best resort in such a case is the ‘Hydra Skin Cleanser’. This micellar water formulation can be used for myriad purposes and serves well to keep our skin healthy and glowing. 

With Aloe Vera as the base active ingredient, this cleanser cleans your face while nourishing and moisturizing it. Aloe Vera, the organic hydro glycolic extract, is bursting with antioxidants, enzymes and Vitamins A and C that revitalize skin while protecting it from any external microbial infections and allergies. Another organic active ingredient, Lavender Oil, soothes skin while lightening complexion and working on fading any premature signs of ageing. 

The best aspect of this cleanser is that it does not need any water to rinse it off. One may use it multiple times during the day, as and when the humidity takes onto you and makes your skin look dull. You may just take some drops and dab them into the skin. With the presence of enough emollients and humectants, one would not feel the need to apply any moisturizer over it.

With each application, the skin looks and feels more refreshed, awakened and glowing. For the women on the go and who are already multitasking between a hundred things between home and workplace, this cleanser is your ultimate saviour.  

This gentle purifying hydra cleanser can also be used to take off thick layers of makeup during the monsoons. With antimicrobial properties, it helps in saving skin from contracting any infections from the products used, while effectively wiping away the minutest traces of the makeup. Most times we end up with dry and stretched skin as a result of the harsh makeup removers used and repeated face washing. This cleanser leaves the skin hydrated and flawless by supplementing it with enough nutriment. 

To sum it up in words, this cleanser is truly a blessing to the skin while the rains are pouring. It works as a facial cleanser, a toner as well as a moisturizer. While keeping the skin clean, it would tighten the pores and also lock in moisture into the deeper layers. With this cleanser, enjoy the downpour to the fullest, get all drenched or just move out in the pleasant weather without letting the humidity damper your skin or your spirits. 

In addition to this cleanser, we also recommend using Glo Radiance Skin Activating Nectar as the ultimate skin juice for nourishment.

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