It has been more than a year since the novel virus made an unwelcome entry into our lives. To say, that life does not seem anything similar to the pre-corona times would not be an understatement. We are all confined to our homes, petrified of the uncertainty of future times. In such days of unprecedented anxiety and emotional upheavals, no amount of prior conditioning is serving to rescue us from this predicament.

Everyone is struggling with their own defense mechanisms to cope up with these times of distress. Yet, there are some clinically suggested ways to keep the anxiousness as much at bay as possible so that it doesn’t deteriorate our well-being to any intense levels. 

When it comes to our skin and hair, the current stay-at-home situation is advantageous but has a few perils. The unexampled stress is certainly taking a toll, but looking at the positive side, we also have a lot of time at hand to indulge in an extensive skincare routine.

‘Glass is never half empty; it is always half full and rather has further scope to fill in more.’


For all the skincare enthusiasts out there, rather than mulling and letting the hollowness of the times demoralize us, it is better to make the best use of this time in hand. 

– Anxiety can cause our skin to age faster. Indulge yourself in meditative activities and anything that helps you feel calm and in control. 

– Life is literally on a ‘PAUSE’ button. For all the lack of time in our otherwise hectic schedules, indulge in an elaborative AM PM Skincare routine when all we have in our stride right now is ample time. Use a facial cleanser, a pore-tightening toner, a day cream, facial oil, skin exfoliator or scrub, deep conditioning face pack. Use all the deeply nourishing and replenishing skincare products that you do not get time to use otherwise. 

– Every time you feel aimless or grim at all the saddening news pouring in from all quarters, put on a face mask and listen to light music to relieve you off some stress. It is worthwhile to indulge in something productively engulfing than just losing oneself out in exasperating overtures of unrelenting despondency.  

– Eat healthy. Taking in a lot of vitamins and minerals would not only boost your immunity against infections but would also reflect well in your skin condition. 

– Do not go to sleep with thoughts of despair. Rather spend a few minutes relaxing and pampering your skin. We suggest using our Glo Radiance Renewing Night Cream followed up with a soothing massage with the Glo Radiance Facial Oil. You would not just wake up with bright and hydrated skin the next morning, but it would also provide you with much-needed relaxation. 

– Stress is bad news even for people with acne-prone skin. High cortisol (stress hormone) levels prompt the skin’s sebaceous glands to produce more sebum (oil). The additional oil clogs the pores leading to the development of inflammation and bacteria– resulting in acne. To keep the acne in control, we suggest using our Acne Range that consists of ‘Acne Check Face Wash’, ‘Acne Check Hydrant’ and ‘Acne Healing Mask

– The home confinement during the lockdown is a way to break the virus chain. But for our skin, it has kind of also broken the ‘long days of makeup’ chain. With no reason to move out, our make-up sessions are also on a sort of hiatus, giving our skin a good time to breathe and repair itself. Making the best use of the time, one should invest heavily into skincare enriching it with all the supplementary nutrients that it needs to get back to its natural glow.

– No movement out of home also means no extended hours in the Sun. No direct sun exposure also means escape from sun tanning and all the UV radiation-induced skin damage. Yet, even while we are at home, the UV rays do manage to penetrate and enter our homes. It is, therefore, best advised to put up a layer of sunscreen as soon as we moisturize our skin in the morning. Apply an effective sunscreen lotion at regular intervals during the day, preferably every 5-6 hours while you are at home. 

– Hydration is an effective tool against anxiety. Drink a lot of water throughout the day. It helps to keep the mind relaxed and also detoxifies our body. Water, an elixir of life helps with reducing stress levels and also keeps our skin healthy and bouncy. 

The times are difficult, yet hope and positive affirmations are the only way to help us sail through. Do not let the all-encompassing emotion of desolation affect your skin adversely. Rather, invest some time in taking extra care of it, while trying to maintain a happy demeanor and a stable state of mind. Stay safe, stay positive. 

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