It is no veiled fact that night time is when our skin cells are on a restorative spree and repair themselves most intensely. While we are engulfed in our profound slumber, the skin cells are working overtime to heal the texture of our skin and undo all the wear and tear caused over the day.

To aid the whole process, if we augment the cells with a certain nourishing skin cream or nutritive potions that are aimed at boosting the skin collagen and restoring its elasticity and bounce, the results of this night time overhaul become manifold. Next time, when you get all lazy and decide to skip your night time skincare, think of the miracles that those 10 minutes of effort can do to your skin.



People are often left confused about the need to apply a night cream and why can’t they use the same cream in the day as well as at night. We are here to put to rest this dilemma.

To clear off the perplexity, a night cream cannot be replaced by a day cream. Both of them have their own benefits and need to be used regularly for best results.

– Day Creams or Day Moisturizers are ideally supposed to be light-weight and provide enough hydration to the skin through the day. They usually have a non- greasy formula so that the further layers of sun-protective lotions and makeup do not feel too overpowering and heavy. Night creams are thicker in texture, with the prime purpose of replenishing the skin and addressing the concerns around ageing, pigmentation and skin cell degeneration.

– Day Creams or Moisturizers usually contain SPF protection, but a night cream does not have any SPF content. They are nutrient-rich creams that improvise skin quality and boost collagen.

– Day Creams usually have water or a liquid base giving them a lighter consistency and texture, while night creams are usually formulated around oil or a cream base.

– Since, daytime means exposure to sun and environmental aggressors, day creams are more focused on protection, hydration and creating a barrier between the UV rays and the skin. They are generally high on antioxidants to restrict free radicals. Night Creams or oils on the other hand are all about repair, replenishment and fighting ageing signs. Their ingredient list is inclined more towards concentrated compounds like retinol, glycolic acid, and other AHA that are specifically designed for anti-ageing results.

Since, both the Day Creams and Night Creams are drastically different from each other in terms of purpose, ingredients and consistency they can’t be substituted or replaced. Both are equally indispensable to a balanced skin care routine.



While a lot of women make this common mistake, it remains a paradox how this particular concern is not often spoken about. While you are using the day cream from a particular skincare range, it makes the most prudent choice to use the night cream as well as other skincare products too, from the same range. The only deviation allowed is when another product addresses a specific skin concern or serves an added purpose.

From our Glo Radiance range, we suggest using the Glo Radiance Renewing Day Cream and the Glo Radiance Replenishing Night Cream for radiant, youthful skin that beams with a natural luminosity from within.

GLO RADIANCE RENEWING DAY CREAM  A cult day cream enriched with

100% active organic ingredients like Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Sweet Almond Oil, Mango Seed Butter, She Butter and Lavender Oil, the cream is your answer to all your dry and dull skin woes. Providing that perfect hydration quench to your long- parched skin, the cream is non-comedogenic and does not feel heavy on the skin at all. Its smooth formula gives a soft, feather light appearance to the skin and makes for the perfect base for a sunscreen lotion and for the makeup base to seamlessly glide through. Though, your skin would hardly need any makeup, given the way it would look iridescent from deep within.

GLO RADIANCE REPAIRING NIGHT CREAM  This Repairing night cream works such wonders; you will notice it first thing in the morning. High-pressed organic ingredients work overnight on repairing your skin flaws so that you wake up to visibly brighter and smoother skin. Sun-induced dullness and signs of aging

would be long gone. Damaged skin cells are healed with each passing night and you notice an inner radiant glow on your skin that is hard to miss! With consistent use, skin regains its lost luster and does not appear tired or drab anymore. The elasticity of the skin is restored and it appears visible firmer and younger.

You may look at a day cream and a night cream as being just the same to our skin care as our healthy fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables are to our diet. Both are requisite to healthy living and provide their own set of exclusive nutriments to the body.

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