That our very own rich Indian herb Amla is a loaded source of Vitamin C, which has endless benefits for our body, skin and hair, is no unknown fact. Better acclaimed as ‘Phyllanthus Emblica’ or (Indian Gooseberry) in the scientific lexicon, the herb is a powerhouse of antioxidants and vitamins C, E and A. Also referred to as an Ayurvedic genius, the herb is revered worldwide for its anti- ageing goodness, potent restorative and immunity booster properties, and excellence as a digestive benefactor. It is often established that a 100 gm serving of fresh amla berries contains as much Vitamin C as 20 oranges. So, there is no reason we shouldn’t pamper ourselves with some amla juice or amla berries, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for that detoxified, healthy, radiant skin. To stay youthful and energized forever, and look the part as well, it is well-advised to intake amla in one or the other form every day.

We are all aware of the benefits of the Indian Gooseberry (amla) for the health of our mane. Regular intake, as well as external application in the form of hair oil, hair tonic, or hair pack, helps to nourish the hair length and roots and also add a darker tinge to cover up the grey strands. For nourished, shiny and bouncy hair, Amla is the prima donna ingredient we all mostly retort to. One wash with amla powder infused water, and our hair turn out all glistening with reflective shine and nourishment.

But the goodness of amla is not just restricted to the hair. The natural herb has multifarious benefits for the skin as well. As all our skin product formulations are dictated by proven facts of scientific researches, our expert team has delved deep into exploring the advantages of this Ayurvedic prodigy as well. Below we enlist a few of the benefits of the Indian Gooseberry that are absolutely unmissable if you are desirous of glowing beautiful skin.


1.  AIDS IN RESTORING DIGESTIVE ORDER– Drinking Gooseberry juice or consuming amla berries or candies helps in improving digestive functioning. It regulates bowel movement effectively and a healthy gut condition reflects conspicuously in the form of clear, unblemished skin. The high concentration of Vitamin C in Amla also aids in better absorption of other nutrients by our body. Iron, calcium, minerals, which are so indispensable for a healthy skin and hair condition are much better assimilated into our system with the help of Amla.

2.  KEEPS PREMATURE AGEING AT BAY – Replete with antioxidants, Vitamin A, E and C, and age-defying polyphenols, alkaloids and flavonoids, Amla works wonderfully well in keeping the skin looking youthful and supple. It is said that regular intake and topical application of amla can actually reduce your skin age by 10-15 years. It is miraculously effective in protracting the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. With pressing stress and environmental pollution on a consistent rise, it is imperative to supplement our skin with a natural health promoter that keeps the advent of premature ageing at bay.

3.  EFFECTIVE AGAINST ACNE – Amla is supercharged with antibacterial and antimicrobial enzymes. They work on healing infected skin and keeping the pores clean and hygienic. A facial pack or a cleanser infused with Amla (Indian Gooseberry) clarifies skin and impedes the appearance of acne, pimples, scars and blemishes. The overall result is a clean, smooth, flawless- looking skin. Regular application of amla also evens the skin tone and blesses your skin with a unified and brightened complexion. Our skin is majorly comprised of collagen and the enhanced concentration of Vitamin C in Amla boosts collagen production that in turn lends firmness and rich texture to the skin cells.

4.  REMOVES DEAD SKIN CELLS – Extracts of Amla are efficacious in removing dead skin cells and granting skin with a refreshed, healthy glow. Just the way amla revitalizes our hair, the herb also replenishes skin cells and nurtures them with a new vigour and energy.

With the above-mentioned goodness, no way can this prodigious ayurvedic herb be left out of our skincare formulations. For all the skin enthusiasts out there, we enlist below some of our most miraculous products enriched with the goodness of amla. We strongly recommend the inclusion of these products in your AM PM routine as they deserve an exclusive spot in your meticulously crafted skincare regime.

1.  COMPLEXION BRIGHTENING TREATMENT (CBT) HYDRANT  Hydration is to the skin, what water is to the body. Enriched with the antimicrobial, lightening, and antioxidant goodness of organic ingredients like Amla, Lemon extract, and Aloe Vera; this treatment hydrant works on brightening the natural complexion. Amla is miraculous in evening out skin tone, while the lemon extracts diminish the appearance of scars and spots. Aloe Vera, with its moisturizing and replenishing effects, permeates deep hydration into the skin layers.

2.  ACNE CHECK HYDRANT  No more of those acne nightmares. We won’t let those little devils take away from the confident, vivacious you. This super light-weight Acne Check hydrant with active AMLA (Indian Gooseberry) extracts works wonders in reinvigorating and nourishing the skin deeply and keeping acne at bay. The advanced formula penetrates the skin while preventing clogging of pores and assimilation of dirt and impurities. Busting the myth that acne-prone, oily skin does not need any moisturization, this hydrant is a must-have for those with skin as sensitive as a chicken heart.

3.  HEENA CONDITIONER (FOR THE HAIR)  Just black or dark hair are not good, healthy, nourished, shiny hair are beautiful. With Amla and Fenugreek seeds as the key ingredients, this Henna conditioner utilizes the coloring benefits of natural activators and herbs to darken those silver strands and impart a shiny colour to the mane. Artificial colours, and chemicals, no matter how intensely denied, do much permanent damage to the hair follicles than realized in the short term. With our organic Henna, hair are conditioned, caressed, and infused with nutrients for that healthy, shiny, bouncy, appearance.

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