Hair Oiling is an easy-to-do home care beauty ritual that has been passed on to us through generations. And without an iota of doubt here, it can be safely claimed that the old world practice would be carried forward for ages to come. We all have been witnesses to the elderly at home coaxing our younger selves into getting our hair oiled and head massaged. It was only once we grew a little older that we fully realized the significance of that oiling ritual and the wonders it does to our hair health. How we thank our moms and grandmoms in hindsight now for actually pulling us to sit down and quietly oblige to that session of hot hair oil massage?



There is absolutely no questionable thread in the statement that oiling has endless benefits for our hair. Yet, to reiterate the goodness and help you realign and rethink your hair oiling schedules, we are pointing out a few of the benefits below:

1.  Regular oiling of hair reduces hair frizz and makes unruly, haywire hair more manageable.

2.  Accompanied with light-hand massaging, hair oiling felicitates better blood circulation that relieves stress and also promotes hair growth.

3.  Disciplined hair oiling nourishes the hair roots and helps to keep hair soft, moisturized and healthy.

4.  The oils that are used for hair oiling hold paramount significance. The product that we are massaging into our scalp and hair roots needs to be nourishing and revitalizing to prompt the miraculous effects.

The Bhringaraja Taila Oil from Ozone Ayurvedics is known to transform the quality and texture of hair and impart them with all the stupendous goodness that a hair oil is meant to do.

5.  Massaging helps the oil to penetrate better and deliver essential nutrients and vitamins to the scalp and hair follicles.

6.  Hair oiling aids in building the hair shaft and also strengthen hair for escalated growth and vitality.

7.  Oiling your hair regularly augments the bounce, elasticity, and structure of your hair giving you a thick, lustrous mane.

8.  And finally, after a long day of work, nothing relaxes mind and our overall system like a thorough head massage with therapeutic aromatic oil.



Though the bountiful goodness of hair oiling has been established as a fact, yet the pertinent question here stays, ‘how often should one oil their hair’?

Going overboard with the act might not be the most prudent thing to do. Rather than hydrating your hair better, frequent oiling and washing hair would only lead to stripping your mane off its essential oils. So, we decode below some of the important pointers one needs to consider while adding on oodles of that vitalizing oil to their hair.

– Oiling is best recommended once or maximum twice a week. Doing it every second day or letting the oil sit on your hair for too long only leads to product build-up, clogging of pores and attracting environmental dirt, grime and pollution.

– It is best advised to oil your hair a night before or maybe a few hours before you plan to wash your hair.

– There is no biblical enforcement that states to oil your hair every time you have to wash them. It is just a superfluous beauty myth massively propagated. Rather, for best results, one should give their hair some breathing time before oiling again. You can alternatively schedule your hair oiling sessions with hair masking sessions. Before a hair wash, either oil your hair or apply a replenishing hair mask to derive the best of both worlds from both the haircare rituals. We suggest you to choose from our range of effective hair masks:  Novex Argan Oil Hair Mask, Novex Bamboo Hair Mask,  Novex Olive Oil Hair Mask, Novex Brazilian Keratin Hair Mask.

– One should refrain from oiling their hair when they are too dirty. It would only help the dirt stick better to your hair and just elevate the amounts of damage it can cause. Apply oil to clean or semi-clean hair to reap maximal benefits.

– It is also worthwhile to mention here the quantity of oil to be massaged into your hair. If you are of the belief that the more oil you apply, the more nourishment you get, you are grossly mistaken. Quantity of the oil should be just enough that you need to massage into your scalp and lubricate the dry length. If your oil is coming off thickly on the fingers or is being left behind on the pillows, then you have definitely gone overboard with the quantity. More oil in the hair equates to more shampooing needed to get it off and more shampoo and rinsing is never good news for the hair.

-For an even deeper conditioning of dry, damaged and over-treated hair, we suggest applying a mask of Ozone Ayurvedics ‘Heena Conditioner’ once every fortnight. It is a blend of herbs and natural conditioners that add a healthy colour and shine to hair. One may add some more softening agents like curd, eggs or honey to the mask for a home-spa experience.

No matter how advanced we get with hair smoothening treatments or in-salon pampering, the vanilla truth of good hair care still lies in the age-old ritual of hair oiling. Schedule an appointment with yourself at least once a week to make some time for a comforting session of hair oiling. Trust us; it would give you much superior and healthier results than any other acclaimed hair treatment in the world.

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