How to Get Rid of Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

Fine lines and wrinkles are like those unsavory, uninvited experiences in life that come without any prior notice, and there is no escaping them. They are a part and parcel of everyone’s growing up life post 40s’, and no matter, how much we detest or do not wish to embrace them, they are as much a part of adulthood as acne or hormonal change is a sign of teenage and younger days.

They say a woman looks her most beautiful self at the age of 32. We absolutely agree to this. It is almost as if the nasty hormones – Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone have learned to behave well by then, the teenage hormonal fluctuation is a thing of the past and the menopausal changes still have time to hit hard. And if you happen to conceive and be pregnant sometime in your 30’s, then in most cases then not, your facial glow knows no bounds. Your skin radiates and glows the brightest from within from all the positive changes taking place internally and on the outside.


How do FINE LINES and WRINKLES develop?


Fine lines and wrinkles do not develop overnight, but yes, one can notice a discernable and prominent appearance within a span of few days. Firstly, the skin loosens a bit in areas with softer and thinner skin like the under-eye area, the neck, and around the lips. It is only gradually that the finer lines and wrinkles start emerging on the loosened skin.

Apprising you of some skin terminologies here, the uppermost layer of the skin is

called ‘epidermis’ while the second layer is called the ‘dermis’. The dermis majorly comprises a network of elastic and collagen fibers that lend elasticity, bounce, and suppleness to the skin.

With age, the layer of the dermis starts getting thinner and sagged, with elastic and collagen fibers cease to multiply in the same numbers as they used to do in the younger days. We would like to believe they get tired too!

While we are young, whenever we smile or stretch our facial muscles, our skin is flexible and possesses the prowess to restore to its original stretch as soon as we relax the expression.

Generally, a groove is formed in the dermis layer, but due to the rapid division of the collagen tissues, it just springs back to its normal form. But as we age, the skin becomes thinner and loses

this ability. So, over a period of time, these grooves start deepening into permanent lines and stretches that are then referred to as ‘fine lines’ and ‘wrinkles’.


Which other LINES APART FROM FINE LINES AND WRINKLES constitute signs of aging?


As much as ‘Expression lines’ as a term sounds quite amusing, (as though we all are clowns making up expressions), yet, we all are guilty of contributing to the emergence of these lines in the later years in life. For those who smile and laugh outrageously, or keep squinting, they would surely develop lines around their facial area soon. A lot of people have the habit of making faces or have their signature expressions, but after a certain age, they kind of become permanent on the face when the collagen production refuses to keep up with age. Those expressions become like permanent dentures or dents in the skin.

A lot of people (not the cheerful and happy-go-lucky ones) have the habit of frowning. ‘Frown lines’ develop on the forehead, under and around the eyebrows, and on the bridge of the nose. Because of constant folding and gathering of skin tissues on these areas, there develop permanent frown lines.

There is another variation of facial lines that is less popularly heard of but quite common in aging people. These lines actually appear much later in the older age, at around 60 years. Let us introduce you to the ‘Marionette lines’. These are facial lines that develop between the mouth and the chin, giving a resemblance of a falling face. A natural outcome of the process of aging, there is not much one can do in their younger years to prolong them or completely keep these lines away. Drawing inspiration from Marionette string puppets that usually have broken jaws, so that the puppeteers can make them talk, these lines do not appear anytime in the 40 or 50 years of age.

All these lines are actually just variations and extensions of fine lines and wrinkles; these are just more narrowed terminology.


How to get rid of FINE LINES AND WRINKLES?

Due to the overtly stressful, incoherent lifestyles that we lead these days, unrestrained drinking and smoking habits, erratic schedules, as well as external environmental hazards, the process of aging begins much earlier than anticipated. Experts suggest that one should start using anti-aging skincare as early as in their early 20s. In addition to the skincare regime, there are also some best practices that if followed religiously, can help keep the fine lines and wrinkles naturally at bay.

We enlist a few of these skin maintenance tips below for you:

  • Drink a lot of water. Water helps to keep the skin hydrated and nourished and also helps in the optimum new cell regeneration. The day you intake sufficient amounts of water, you would naturally realize a suppleness and bounce in your skin.
  • Use sunscreen each day. Sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UVA-UVB rays. If you are religious with your sunscreen application regime, there is an utmost likelihood of saving your skin from premature aging, pigmentation, tanning, and freckles.
  • Maintain a healthy diet. Intake a lot of citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables. These natural sources of Vitamin C and antioxidants boost the collagen-making capacity of the skin and also effectively replenish the degenerated cells.
  • Consume alcohol in moderation. This aspect actually contributes much more than you think. Smoking is a cardinal offense that your skin is never going to forgive you for. And equally worse is incessant or habitual drinking. Alcohol ruins your skin tissues and your facial muscles would appear much more sagged and lifeless, than what your actual age would reflect. If you wish to look much older than your age, please continue consuming all the booze and tobacco, at your own peril.
  • Meditate and exercise. Meditation just doesn’t relax your mind, but each and every cell of your body. With regular yoga and meditative sessions, you would be healed on a lot more aspects than one. If you ever come across some elderly person with a flawless, radiating shine, be rest assured they must be engaging in some form of mindfulness meditation or yogic exercises.
  • Limit your sugar intake. Sugar and sweetening components gradually erode your body cells and tissues. To maintain youth and save yourself from lethargy and decomposition of skin cells, steer clear of too much sugar in your diet.
  • Take enough sleep. It isn’t a secret anymore that our skin undergoes advanced repair while we are asleep. Doze off to a relaxing slumber at night and a refreshing daytime nap once in a while to keep your skin miles away from aging.

Though these natural remedies work very well, we also advise you to start using an anti-aging or as we like to call it ‘age-prolonging skincare’. Our products from the ‘Glo Radiance range’, ‘Jasmine Range’ as well as the ‘Youth Restoring treatment’ are specifically designed with organic collagen-boosting ingredients that effectively deal with free radicals as well that are contributors to the advent of fine lines and wrinkles.

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