Transitioning from Winter to Spring Skincare Routine

There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of Nature. The assurance that dawn comes after night and SPRING after winter.

-Rachel Carson

It is the month of March, the SPRING season of the year, the time to bloom, start afresh, and leave all dead, dreary and despondent to the past. There is a scent of romance, hope, love, and positivity in the lushness of fresh air. It is as if some miracle of nature has breathed life into everything alive, yet dispirited. The blooming of bright flowers from their buds, glimpses of floral colours scattered all around is a gentle reminder that life can start afresh from any point, whenever it so desires. There is nothing like too late, or too long when it comes to uplifting the dejected from their state of melancholy and despair and start anew with a reenergized faith and good belief. Springtime is like that love letter from the past that we had been so looking forward to, and finally, when it arrives, it fills us with an overwhelming sense of desire and aspiration!

For our skin too, SPRING time is the phase to shed off the old, flaky and dead skin cells and regenerate into a new, more enlivened version of itself. Without a doubt, the winter season is a little tough on our skin and hair. With harsh winds blowing and temperatures falling down to spine-chilling colds, it does take a toll on our skin. It feels deprived of its natural moisture and oils and constantly feels stretched and hankering for nourishment. The dry, dehydrated air passes on its effect onto our skin, and hair quality too. Even for the hair, the chilly air and the usage of warm water lead to a dry, flaky, irritated scalp, and the probability of fungal scalp infections causing excessive dandruff, roughness, and hair fall. If your hair feels too brittle, frizzy, and unmanageable in winters, it is the season to be blamed and not you!


SPRING SKINCARE ROUTINE – A season to BLOOM and turn over a new life


A change in the season just doesn’t call for a wardrobe revamping and refashioning, but also for some mindful changes in the skincare regime too. Rather, SPRING is the most befitting time to embrace new best practices and inculcate them into our daily routine. We have identified a few

of the rituals that are mandatory to a healthy Spring Skincare routine and there should be no escaping reason on the planet for one to renounce or neglect any of these.

  • EXFOLIATION (giving our skin a new lease of life) – We all love the advent of spring and summers after all the layering and covering up during the winters. Summer means sunlight, beams of light falling on skin, highlighting and glistening it, from the doze of its nourishment. We all love to show off more skin to the sun in the spring and summer time.

To prep up your skin, EXFOLIATE. Yes, the watchword for the spring skincare routine is ‘Exfoliation’. Slough away the dead skin cells that have been taking all the shine and luster. Use a mild scrub or exfoliate twice a week to rub off the degenerated cells and let the fresh new skin emerge.

We recommend organic skin care products over home DIY packs and scrubs. Applying sugar, coffee, lemon, or a home-made scrub directly on the skin can be too hard for the soft skin cells. You might end up pulling out the sensitive skin or rubbing it off too hard. The size of these exfoliators (sugar for instance) is way too big to balance the delicacy of our soft skin. Even their acidic/ alkaline balance might not be in tandem with the natural pH requirements of your skin and a direct application may eventually disrupt the balance. We suggest you try Glo Radiance Skin Purifying Polisher, Glo Radiance Cell Renewal Exfoliant Scrub, and Jasmine Scrub for healthy, nourished, refreshed skin.

  • HYDRATE YOUR SKIN (the key to glowing skin) – Well, we do believe that you would have supplemented your skin with enough moisture and hydration throughout the winter season. Do keep up with the practice well into the Spring Season. Only this time, replace your oil or cream-based moisturizers and day creams with gels, lotions, or creams with less oil concentration. It is imperative to moisturize your skin through all the seasons in the year, only the consistency and the ingredients of the moisturizer need to be checked and altered as per the seasonal suitability. For springs, we suggest using the lightweight ‘Jasmine Moisturizer’, ‘Glo Radiance Renewing Day Cream’ (for all skin types), ‘Perfect Skin Tone Hydrant’, ‘Glo Radiance Complexion Awakening Gel’, or ‘Complexion Brightening Hydrant’ from the Ozone shelf of organic skincare products.
  • BRACE UP YOUR SUN PROTECTION GAME (we need more SPF!) – You would not want to have a skin reflecting freckles, dark spots, or pigmentation in the luxuriance of the spring and summer season. Amp up your protection against the sun. The direct sun rays in the summer seasons have the strength to penetrate your skin even through closed windows and partially exposed indoor spaces. Though the need to apply sunscreen or sunblock on any given day of the year is incontestable, still it becomes even more important in the spring and summer days. Use a sun protection with heightened SPF and coat your skin with a thick layer of it as a final step to your morning skincare routine. We suggest you ‘Glow4Sure Sunscreen Lotion’ and ‘Glo Radiance Luminous Skin Protection Lotion’.
  • POLISH YOUR SKIN FROM HEAD TO TOE – Not just our facial skin, but even the skin on our other body parts needs exfoliation and rejuvenation. All through the winter days, our body is majorly covered in layers of snug clothing. Finally, when it is time to

open up ourselves to the spring season and get into those lighter, airy clothes, our whole skin needs to be rid of the dirt, impurities, and dead cells degenerating on it for all these gone by months. We acquaint you with our ‘Intenso Hydrate Cocoa Body Polishing Kit’, and the ‘Exquisite Spa Manicure’ and ‘Exquisite Spa Pedicure kits’. You can both visit a nearby salon to immerse in the exuberance of these indulgent pampering sessions or order a kit from our website and experience the products in the comforts of your home.

Drink lots of water. To make your skin shine and glow from within, start drinking a lot of water with the onset of spring. Just go on increasing the number of these glasses as we step closer into the summers. Your skin’s parching for hydration would only multifold from this time onwards and the more you fulfill it with water, the better. Gorge on fresh fruits and raw vegetables. These food items are bursting with Vitamin C and antioxidants that are so very indispensable for the new cell regeneration and replenishment.

SPRING is the time to love and laugh.

Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.

Martin Luther